With() action does not use transitions when given move, ease

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With() action does not use transitions when given move, ease

#1 Post by Empish » Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:49 pm

Hey, I'm looking into hovering effects for someone. Specifically looking at the move and ease ones. They don't seem to be activated with the With(transition) action in screen code, even when I tried defining my own MoveTransition.

Note that the transition happens fine when I use something like dissolve instead.

Code: Select all

image header thing = "someimage.png"
default header_toggle = False

screen some_screen:
	textbutton "Do Header":
        action NullAction()
        hovered [SetVariable("header_toggle", True), With(moveintop)]
        unhovered [SetVariable("header_toggle", False), With(moveouttop)]
        xalign 0.5
        yalign 0.75

    if header_toggle:
        add "header thing"
It doesn't give any errors, but rather just acts as if there was no With action there at all. I've tried with a variety of the move and ease transitions.

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