Developing a very large project like Ren'Py

In this forum we discuss the future of Ren'Py, both bug fixes and longer-term development. Pre-releases are announced and discussed here.
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Developing a very large project like Ren'Py

#1 Post by wizzardx » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:34 am

Hi Pytom.

As a fellow Python dev, I'm pretty interested in how you manage to code on such a large python codebase... without breaking everything every now and then due to it being a large Python codebase.

What kind of dev practices do you follow that help to mitigate that kind of thing?

From some casual browsing, I've seen references to PyDev (eclipse?), so that helps you to refactor?

Have you worked with PyCharm vs PyDev/Eclipse?

Static type annotations and annotations via mypy?

Automated unit or integration tests? Some variety of TDD, or mainly just automated regression tests? Mostly manual testing?

I'm really interested in your general dev practices.

With such a large Python codebase, where Python has something of a reputation for not being great at larger projects (eg: due to lack of things like static types, or performance issues - eg 10-100 times slower than C, or /garbage collection/etc, or things like GIL preventing "true" multithreading). A lot of those kinds of negatives get really hyped on eg, places like Hacker News.

You've probably considered other programming languages and SDKs along the way; eg JVM/based/C++/etc. What kind sof factors have lead you to continue working with Python all these years?

(I'm a big fan of Ren'Py and Python in general; I'm mainly really interested in your own experience).

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