undesired Sound behaviour

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undesired Sound behaviour

#1 Post by Jo'ogn » Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:42 am

This is a bit tricky to describe... I use 6.10.2e atm.

When adding sound(s) to a renpy game I make a lot of use of "script reloading" and "backrolling". I refer to looped sound with volume fades on whole channels as well as "fadein/out" on single "play statements". I also layer several sound channels - say around 2 to 6...

What I experience is rather random bahaviour, where [Windows XP] Renpy might have problems following my (and the players) actions.

- Sometimes, when (auto-)forwarding, one (of several playing) channels stops playing. It might, or might not came back on on later sceens again (even though there are no "play statements", that could cause the sound to play again. So Renpy tracking must sort of restart it delayed.)

- Backrolling can also cause single channels to stop playing. (Of course through out passages ~after~ the inital "play", where they should be playing.) I suspect, when backrolling, Renpy tries to apply the fadein/outs on the play statement. Because when sounds come back up again, they sometimes (I don't think always) use the fadein, which can be anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds in my case.

- Using Renpy in window mode, focussing on a different window usually does not(!) stop the entire sound of the renpy game. This might be desired at times. I don't know how it should behave, but sometimes it might be rather desired that the sound stops if the Game window is "unfocussed". Maybe this can be a "Game Preferance"?

Either way. Sometimes a sound channel (not all) stops playing anyway when other windows are used. It does so in a seemingly random fashion. I tried to focus other windows to make Renpy stop outputting sound, and it doesn't. E.g. sometimes the windows explorer causes Renpy to stop play sound, but not always o_0
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