Graph's art commissions Mk.II

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Graph's art commissions Mk.II

#1 Post by Graph » Tue May 15, 2012 6:57 pm

Hi, I'm Graph. I'll make visual assets for your game for a price. I'll also do regular commissions if you want that.
I mostly draw mecha, fantasy, and sci-fi, but I'm willing to try just about anything.

Price Estimates
Prices are all in US dollars. All prices are negotiable, but I've listed a range so you know what to expect. Simpler styles, bulk orders and non-commercial projects may qualify for the lower end of the price range.

Character design
1 character design: $15 - $40
- This cost is OPTIONAL if you have me go into sprites or CGs directly, but if you forego it you'll pretty much get what comes out on the first try rather than getting choices in the design process.
- Of course, this isn't applicable if you give me a clear visual reference of the character. (Written description doesn't count)
- This cost doesn't apply to nameless "extras" such as random people milling about in backgrounds.

You can view the images in larger size by clicking the thumbnails.

Half body
base price: $15 - $40
Image Image Image Image

Full body
base price: $22 - $60
Image Image

CGs/ Backgrounds
base price: $20 - $100
Image Image Image Image Image Image

Other (GUI design, logos, etc.)
I've only done a couple of these, but I may be able to help here. Ask for a price quote.
NOTE: If you need GUI programming, please ask someone else.
Image Image Image Image[/center]

Current/ past projects
Touhou Mecha (Artist and Writer)

More examples available at my DeviantArt account.

What to request
Post questions in this topic, or send your commission request to me via PM or at my email, dchan066 (at)

When you send your commission request, please include:

- A brief description of your project
- What assets you need and how many
- The size of the images you need in pixels
- The image formats you need (PNG? JPG? PSD?)
- The style you're looking for in general
- Deadlines if applicable

Payment terms
- Exchanges conducted using Paypal. Send payments to dchan066 (at)
- For first-time customers, I expect at least half of the payment up-front and the other half after the job is completed. The second payment is due within a set number of days after the job's completion to avoid late fees.
- Work added or removed during the project will be reflected by an increased or decreased second payment respectively.
- For each image, you get 2 free rounds of revisions during the sketch phase and 2 free after you get the finished image. After that, $5 per additional round of revisions.

Refund policy
- You can get back up to 50% on images that have passed the sketch stage.
- 0% back on images fully colored and shaded.
- If I cancel the job for any reason, you can get back up to 100%.
- Image usage rights don't transfer if you take the refund. However, you can buy a portion of the completed work in any event.

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