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Code, Script, Layout Designer for Hire (Closed)

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:03 pm
by wyverngem
Slots Free: 3

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I'm accepting commissions for coding (Renpy based only at the moment). I do commissions because I enjoy coding and to gain more experience coding.

What I'm offering is a few things; hire me for your full project as your scripter, creating bits of code like (cellphone systems, or day and night", card games), or creating custom menu screens. You provide me the materials and I'll send you the working code.

Sample of what I've made: BlackJack Card Game

Pricing in USD:
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Custom Screens: $10 for Basic includes the Main Menu, Load & Save Screen, Preferences, + $6 for each extra screens (Character States, Galleries, Music) if like a Character Screen 0.25per screen.

Systems: $12 - $45 ranged based on complexity (Types: Inventory, Dating, Journals, Card Games)

(Materials, such as sound or images, must be provided, I just code. Placeholder files for images are fine as long as they meet the same dimensions of the final images.)

Game Scripter: Please pm me with a link to the project topic or project details. We can work something out. :)
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Open to most any project, but I have the right to refuse any request.

Re: Code, Script, Layout Designer for Hire (Open)

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:56 am
by wyverngem
Now accepting more commissions.