Need Coder [Will Pay]

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Need Coder [Will Pay]

#1 Post by Heavenbornvip » Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:35 pm

Hello, I am currently working very hard on a VN. However, I seem to not be getting anywhere due to the lack of coding skills. I could do so much with this story but I am limited. I am a student and cannot offer much, But can pay $20 for the entire game coding. I can type everything out in Ren'Py, but you would have to correct errors, add images, sounds etc. And if you wish, Maybe we can make the game better. I will be using creative commons to fill in the backgrounds and sprites. This is my first project and I'm confident in Only my writing. If you wish, you can check the beginning of the story out below.

Code: Select all

"It's been a week since I graduated highschool,and my parents and I are
     finally going to have a serious conversation about my future."
    o "Put the phone down, your blog does not need to know about everything dear."
    d "Honey, We've decided that you should go to a college in New York."
    m "WHAT!?."
    o "Okay, we definitely expected a better reaction."
    m "I wish and intend to stay in California forever mum."
    d "You're saying this now,but trust us. You'll love NYU."
    "I look at the time on my phone and remember I'm supposed to meet up with the girls."
    d "I told you Sharen, your daughter won't ever take this seriously."
    m "I promise we can talk about this later,I need to go right now though!."
    "I grab my bag and kiss them goodbye before leaving."
    m "Just be back before 12' dear."
    "I enter the bar and see the girls seated all the way in the back."
    "Heather waves at me and I walk over to them."
    m "I'm not late right?."
    n "Uhh, Yes you are bitch."
    m "Nicki, lets tone the cursing down."
    n "Whatevs."
    "Nicki is Heathers younger sister, and we don't really get along."
    s "You too need to stop. We have the Dare Gamble planned."
    m "I totally forgot about that!."
    h "You're not getting away with it. All of us had our share, and it's your turn."
    "The Dare Gamble is something we do every summer. Each girl has her year, and this year is mine.
     The girls plan a Dare and I have to do it. The stakes are high, and I either win or lost the money."
    n "What's the bid this year?"
    h "This will probably your last Dare Gamble since you're moving away, so we've made it special."
    m "That does not sound too good."
    s "Each girl is putting in $100,so you either lose your $100,or you win $300."
    m "And the Dare?"
    n "Oh, it's a good one."
    m "Just tell me already!."
    h "We each picked a stubborn guy in the town. You'll have to win his heart."
    m "No! I amnot doing that.!"
    h "Oh come on. You won't be here afterwards anyways."
    m "It's just not right."
    n "You know what we get to do if you break the rules and disagree to a dare, right.?"
    s "Let me remind you. We get to send out all your drunk videos."
    m "Oh god. I'll be ruined."
    n "I wish. You know what, You shouldn't do the dare."
    "I glance at Nicki to see her smirking."
    m "I'm in.!"
    s "Yay! Now for the guys we've chosen. I've picked for you to win over Brian."
    m "Brian is your brother though."
    s "I know,It's going to be fun though."
    "Brian is/was the highschool swim team champion. Girls are all over himbut he never seems to care."
    h "I Pick Ryan."
    "Ryan is my bestfriend since third grade. He's super smart and funny. I can't toy with his feelings though."
    n "I pick Silas."
    "I gasp as Nicki states her name. It's confirmed that she does not like me."
    "Silas is definitly not in my crowd. He's Rich and gets what he wants. No one can make him happy."
    "This may be a dare to my friends, but it's a huge deal."
    h "Well, who are you going to go after?"
    "I need to play this one carefully. Which guy do I play?"

        "I choose Brian":
            jump brian
        "I choose Ryan":
            jump ryan
        "I choose Silas":
            jump silas

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Re: Need Coder [Will Pay]

#2 Post by MudkipTheDestroyer » Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:11 pm

PM me what you have written and I'll code it/see if I can fix your errors for you (and don't worry about paying me). You'll also have to send me the pics&music you want to use and either tell me where you want them or I'll see if I can predict where they should go. Sound good?


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