Writer and Editor (and possibly Sprite Artist) [Closed]

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Writer and Editor (and possibly Sprite Artist) [Closed]

#1 Post by lepapillonrouge » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:38 pm

Hi everyone, I'm one of those on-again, off-again members of LSF. Summer is here, and my parents have been clamoring for me to get some kind of internship or job, and frankly at this rate I don't think I'm gonna get any of them. So, I'm asking if someone this summer would like a little help on their projects.

What do I have to offer?
Writing: I'm currently working on my Creative Writing degree, meaning that I'm used to getting critiqued and working on deadlines, if nothing else.
Editor: I was the editor for Cain and Volg's Path in Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss.
Artist: I'm also on deviantart, and I draw on occasion, mainly for roleplay groups.

Examples of Work
An old story.
Fallen Star

A small sample:

Code: Select all

m – Minami
r – Ritsu

m “I'm sorry, did Pomme hurt you?”

“There's some mud on his pants...and his jacket.”

r “If you can't control your dog, then why are you even allowed to walk him?

m “I'm so sorry. I'll never walk Pomme again...unless Yuu-nii is around...”

r “No that's not it.”

“He comes closer to me. His eyes are looking straight into my own.”

r “You should just have walked him around your own neighborhood first with someone who can walk this dog. 

m “...y-yeah, I know, but I was the only person who could walk him today, and my mom insisted, so...”

r “Cut the crap. Take some responsibility, will you?”

m “...again, I'm really sorry. Here, I think I have a handkerchief—”

r “No need.”

“He pulls out his own. Thankfully Pomme is calm now, but still, I should do something.”

r “W-What are you doing?”

m “Forgive me again, I just thought I might clean this part of your pants while you clean your shirt off...”

r “Don't you have any sense of space? You're making it worse!”

m “S-Sorry!”

p “Woof!”

“We've already messed up Pomme, don't make it worse by barking...”

q “...help...me...”

r “What was that?”

“He can hear that girl's voice too?”
Artist: http://lepapillionrouge.deviantart.com

What do I want?
Mainly I'm doing this for 'experience'. However, I'm more likely consider people who are willing to work with me on my own personal projects, in whatever way that you possibly can.
In the future, maybe, if you're willing to take me on a commercial project, I would love to get paid.

What do I want to work on?
Genre: Since most visual novels are romance based (though I've noticed that things have been shifting)
I prefer to write GxB/otome, but I'm open to other types of romance as well, depending on the story.
Slice of life
Mystery (I also want to write a mystery novel, so I'd like to see this)
Bizarro Shoujo (...think Utena, basically.)

Characters: I'm really big on characters, so if you've already outlined characters that have personalities that are intriguing, colorful, and most importantly active characters who are seeking some kind of goal (especially if they are main characters!)

Length: Since I'm working for free, I would like to work on a short project, 20,000 words or less. Or one one character's path (if it is character based), for a somewhat longer project. For art, 3 or 4 sprites with 5-7 expressions at most.

I'll work on one or two projects I think are interesting. Please PM or post here if you're interested.

Edit: Thank you for everyone who's asked me for work~ I'm full now.
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Re: Writer and Editor (and possibly Sprite Artist) available

#2 Post by Kato » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:50 pm

Ohh interesting! I've a side project I'm working on that could use a writer (paid). It's, at this stage, a 2-route KN that might expand at a later point, fantasy genre. My writer for BSG has his hands full so I've been sitting on this for a while. I'll PM you with details later!
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Re: Writer and Editor (and possibly Sprite Artist) available

#3 Post by lepapillonrouge » Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:24 am

Thank you everyone who's given me work. I think I can try to fit one more if it's a small project or a character path.

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