Artist for hire! (Closed)

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Artist for hire! (Closed)

#1 Post by Adoxographist » Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:36 pm

Hey! My name is Adoxographist, and I'm looking for a small vn project to lend my art to in order to hone my craft and be more involved with the community!
I'm probably best at drawing sprites, but I don't mind doing art for CGs. I could TRY drawing backgrounds as well, but they're definitely my weakest point!

Also, I'm fine drawing BxG, GxB, GxG and BxB! But I won't draw anything with adult material.

For more samples of my art, check out my DA account.
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Re: Artist for hire! (Free)

#2 Post by AshenhartKrie » Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:54 pm

Hey there! I'm looking for a CG artist for my game, The Gardener Did It!
Your style is adorable (and who cares if it's different from the style of the sprites). It's not a particularly long game, and it's BxB.
The link's in my signature, if you want to check it out.

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Re: Artist for hire! (Free)

#3 Post by inohatake14 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:25 pm

Hi there! I love how you have many different styles! I looked at your deviantart, and I really like your vacant sky entry in particular. It has a slightly more realistic and western feel that would be perfect for one of my projects. :) I'll email/pm you the details, so do let me know if you are interested.

Either way- I'm excited to see what you would produce in any visual novel. c:
-Needs to buy a tablet :( - Also if you specialize in backgrounds and take requests and/or want to partner up on a project, hit me up! ;)



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Re: Artist for hire! (Free)

#4 Post by briannavon » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:37 pm

Are you still taking projects?
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Re: Artist for hire! (Free)

#5 Post by Dawnfire » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:36 am

I love your art style. If you're still available, my game Lost and Found needs some free art as amazing as yours! And I'll prove to you that my game is worth it. :)
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