Wanting to help a project to polish up Python/Ren'py skills!

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Wanting to help a project to polish up Python/Ren'py skills!

#1 Post by Sslaxx » Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:10 am

Pretty much as the subject line says - looking for a small project to get involved with in order to learn some more Python and/or improve my understanding of Ren'Py. Anyone out there interested?
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Re: Wanting to help a project to polish up Python/Ren'py ski

#2 Post by DNAniel213 » Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:09 am

Hmmm. I don't think anyone'll have enough space in their projects for someone who's new.
Well, you could always improve yourself by making your own visual novel, right?
That, and the fact that I'll no, we'll be needing a coder sometime in the future.
Are you up for a writing circle?

Worry not, because the majority of us are new too.
But once our circle is settled, and with a chance everyone is free,
We'll turn the writing circle into a production.
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