SkyRaven recruiting page for game Stabbed by Memories

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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SkyRaven recruiting page for game Stabbed by Memories

#1 Post by dretchlord » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:38 am


I used to be a one man team, however I am considering looking for people for the team.

Hello, I'm working on a game entitled Stabbed by Memories. A super brief synopsis is that the protagonist leaves his hometown to forget about a painful past and moves to Tokyo to live with his aunt. He has a fun and exciting life while time to time remembering the tragic incident that made him move out of his hometown in the first place. On the final day, the route the protagonist ends up with. The game is somewhat Yandere genre as the protagonist either ends up killing his new friends, or gets killed by them instead, or ends his own life.

More details can be read here also the game logo (temporary) is here: ... 14#p299814
- The site above gives details on the characters, a broader synopsis, and broad ending list (full detail are released to members of the team).
- There is still a little fixing that needs to be done on the logo, [the visible square boxes around some cherry blossom's] so the one on the site above is the glimpse on the logo.

3 major characters

Protagonist Yuza Tachizuki {First name is changeable }
Student Council President Shiro Ayase
Softball captain Yuki Hanayo.

Character personality and types are in the link provided above.

Recruitment: I'm basically in dire need for artist's in the fields for characters and CG, I'm also looking for a proofreader at the moment and a game tester. Other position at the bottom.(although the project is still in develoment): Note: Free hire However if the team decides to make the game commercial, then profits will be distributed equally. (A contract of membership and distribution will be on this thread.)

Thanks if you have question's Pm me on this site. If your interested to help, you could pm me personally on this site or you could just write it in the comments below and when I open this I could Pm you personally instead. :D

If your interested in my progress, I'm at least 72% finish with the storyboard. Once I'm able to put things in place I'll put it in the work and progress section. Also, once I finish finalizing the finalized put of things, I'll release a demo. :o

Positions left/ Team (One thing I'll probably ask from you are samples, but it if of low priority now)

Writer/ Coordinator/Programmer : Dretchlord

Co - coordinator : DrowningShark

Editor : General. Wayvern

Co Programemer (available):

Character artists (2 positions)(available): (Already asked a few pending for results, however you could still apply) :

- fengthewind

Bg artists (3 positions)(available) :


Music - (Result pending, unavailable at the moment)

Interface artist (2 positions) (Makes windows and buttons for game implement such as : Start game or Menu system, available) (available):


Proofreader (available):

- Ran
- Ferdokki

Interface Programmer (1 position left) (available): (coordinates with the Interface artist)

- Kami

One major thing I request is devotion to the game if your going to be part of the team. :lol:
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Re: SkyRaven recruiting members for game Stabbed by Memories

#2 Post by Ferdokki » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:48 pm

Hi there!

I totally offer myself to be a proofreader! :)
Would the task just be that I proof-read the script and check for grammatical errors?

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