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Crimson Rafflesia - Artistic Help Needed (again.) [OPEN]

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:11 am
by Coren
Game Website
LemmaSoft WIP Thread
A 50,000-word demo is available at both links.

Anyway, with the crazy amount of CGs I'm planning and the amount of art help that comes and goes, I think this is becoming a near-monthly occurrence, lol. I can do my own art, but I realized that I have so much art in the demo already that I'm finding it hard to match the rest of the game with the same density of artwork that the demo has, and this is where I start pleading for help on the following:

I need a colorist, or colorists, to help me to colour in some lineart. Preferably, I hope for someone who can match my soft-shading style (]Sample 1 Sample 2), but I'm not picky.

Lineart Fixer/Redliner
I have some lineart here, but some are in rather dire need of fixing. I need either lineart fixers or redliners to help me with them, or to help me fix up some of my sketches by pointing out mistakes before I get them colored in.

Please PM me with samples of your work if you want to join. :) For everyone who helps, I can repay in the form of credits, plus a free sketch request/writing help/editing help or a free music track if you want. Thanks!

Re: Crimson Rafflesia - Artistic Help Needed (again.) [OPEN]

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:57 pm
by Coren
Bump - still in dire need of colorists! Please PM me if you are available :D