Looking for character sprite, CG, and BG artists[Collab]

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Looking for character sprite, CG, and BG artists[Collab]

#1 Post by PennJones » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:04 pm

Hello. I am working on a game called Clockwork Heart. A dating simulator where the MC falls in love with a robot. (More info here: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewto ... 43&t=25613 & there's a tumblr where I try to frequently post progress on the game: http://pennsprojects.tumblr.com/ ) This is my first time posting on the recruitment thread, so if I've posted anything incorrectly, please don't hesitate to tell me.
I'm looking for character sprite, CG, and BG artists.
There's 7 characters that will need sprite art, and I'd like there to be 5 or 6 different poses/expressions for each character. Most of the characters are robots, so, yeah. There is one human character that will also need some sprite art, too, though.
As for the backgrounds, 9 or 10 should suffice.
Lastly, about the CGs, I only have a handful of them planned out. In the end, I'd like to have about 20-40 CGs for all of the characters(so, 5 or so CGs for each character).
Seeing as my financial situation isn't the best at the moment, this will be a collaboration as opposed to a commission. However, if I can perhaps supply some sort of non-monetary payment(like points in a video game(neopets, animal crossing, or I could try and find a specific pokemon in X/Y), or I could write something), that would be fine.

I figure I should add character descriptions, yeah? In case anyone's interested, but unsure of what I want them to draw. So, yeah, character descriptions:
Pi is a semi-futuristic robot. They have a human-like face and iris+pupil-less yellow eyes. Pi's a pure white colour. They look slightly feminine, and unlike some of the other robots, they tend to wear clothing. They also wear a short, dirty-blonde wig. Pi is the shortest character(but they aren't, like, doll-sized or anything).
Ny is a robot made from spare parts, essentially. His right arm is noticeably larger than his left arm, the visible bolts on him are of differing sizes, and the metal he's made of doesn't look the best. He's one of the tallest robots, and he's rather square-ish.
Linda is a feminine looking robot. Her hair is made of curled wires(that could be changed, though, if it's too difficult to draw), she wears a metal dress, and she has an hour-glass-like shape to her. So long as she's feminine yet robotic, anything would work for her. A human skin tone or a metallic look, a 1950s design or an original one. I'm, ah, not too concerned about how she looks, to be honest.
Alice is a human. She's skinny, brown-haired(her hair is short), brown-eyed, somewhat flat-chested. She can be tan or black, her skin colour doesn't really matter. I could see her as black or a bit tan. Her outfit consists of puffy shorts with tan pant legs, a brown belt, and a small tan shirt with brown sleeves. She also wears a puffy-ish cap/hat, with goggles in front of it.
Rintin is a tall, lanky robot. I'm not entirely sure how to explain his design, sorry. I added some pictures of him(and Ny + Pi, too) to the end of the thread, though.
Archibald looks like Rintin, in general design. He has more of a '1800s gentleman' look to him, though. A top hat, a suit, the works.
Trinity is a futuristic robot. Think Daft Punk, the one with the gold/yellow mask, his head looks a bit like that, but with black instead of gold and red bars in the middle of his face, normally. When he shows emotion, the red bars disappear and show him annoyed, happy, flustered, etc.
If you're interested in just drawing sprites for one character, well, that'd be perfectly fine. I don't expect someone to draw 25+ sprites on their own, of course.
Please message me if any of this sounds like something you'd like to help out with, or if you have any questions about the project or what sort of work I'd like done.
Ny alpha design
Rintin alpha design
Rintin and Archibald alpha headshots
Pi and Ny alpha headshots
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Re: Looking for character sprite, CG, and BG artists[Collab]

#2 Post by Washu_Ira » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:43 am

they all look wonderful. robots are not my forte but they look so cool. I volunteer my services if you don't find anyone immediately.

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