Uncle Mugen needs photos of Philippine Jeepney

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Uncle Mugen needs photos of Philippine Jeepney

#1 Post by mugenjohncel » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:18 am

Actually, more like begging...

It's been years since the last time I rode one (and IIRC, it was on the far back side seat) so I barely have any detailed idea what a typical Philippine Jeepney looks like right now from the inside especially the drivers / front side and my daily routine / schedule doesn't allow me the luxury of going out there up-close and take photos of it myself even though I see it everyday...

As you can clearly see in the image below... I have nearly ZERO idea what it looks like on this side of the Philippine Jeepney. All of this are just approximation + guesswork + very few Google Images... it would be very nice to have something that looks close to the original...


So here I am begging now if any kind soul out there has or has taken detailed photos of a Philippine Jeepney specifically showing the driver seat side, the steering wheel and base, the pedals, the usually highly decorated dashboard and gear shift stick and instrumentation. I tried Google images but none of them shows what I wanted very clearly. It doesn't have to be high res, just enough so I can use them as basic references for the Philippine Jeepney I'm modeling here...

http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewto ... 51#p320351

Once done, the model will be available freely for everyone to use and abuse in a anything goes license...


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Re: Uncle Mugen needs photos of Philippine Jeepney

#2 Post by heypetdragon » Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:06 pm

Hey! I hope this helps a bit. This is from memory, from back then when we still owned one, and those things I mostly see when I ride a jeepney. It's not a picture, but I hope this helps, somewhat, with what the dashboard generally look like or feel like.
jeepney dashboard.png
Nowadays there are mp3/portable dvd/bluray player at the middle where drivers put usb for music or movies. Really, really crowded with knick-knacks, with lights that feels like a rave at night sometimes, and whooper speakers underneath the seats at the back (especially the jeeps that goes to Cubao, omg). If the drivers own the jeepney and are old (the driver and the jeepney lol), usually they are the religious type with figurines of saints, rosary and strings of Sampaguita flowers hanging; lots of rags; tabloid rolls slipped over the small spaces of the ceiling/mirror, sometimes it's lotto tickets, or rolled up bills.

If the driver is young, sometimes the dashboard resembles the interior of a spaceship. = w =;;;
Jokes aside, mostly a lot of gadgets and a lot of of LED lights that alert the driver when a passenger wants to disembark, when the passengers pull a string connected to it, or press a button. (Because they can't hear them saying "para" from their loud-eardrum-shattering music, with sub-whooper that ghostbusters can use to drive away ghosts...orz) I don't like Cubao jeepneys, yeah

I'm sorry if it's not a picture. And I hope the sketch can be understood ^^;


Oh yeah another thing I just remembered...the shape of the dashboard. It varies from one another, but this is close from what I can remember that ours have, I think. So it's not exactly flat.
jeepney dashboard2.png

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