Twitch Dates Pokemon Team seeks additional Artists!

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Twitch Dates Pokemon Team seeks additional Artists!

#1 Post by eugeneration » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:16 pm


Are you an awesome artist? Did you love watching Twitch Plays Pokemon? If your answer to both was yes, we're looking for you!

I'm Eugeneration, an artist of the Twitch Dates Pokemon development team. We're making a romance/parody visual novel/dating sim featuring the characters of Twitch Plays Pokemon (TPP), like Lord Helix, Bird Jesus, the False Prophet, and Lazor Gator. What got us started was this series of pictures posted by our artist FlyWoods, which made us realize that it'd be awesome to see these characters again in a game.

We have a solid team of 6 writers, 4 artists, 3 coders, a team lead, an audio lead, and an editing lead. (I actually don't know how big the editing team is...) Several of us have worked on games in the past and we all share an undying love for Twitch Plays Pokemon. We probably have a few other members floating around that I don't know about. We're also being closely watched by many from the 90k+ members of the TPP subreddit, who have high expectations.

We have been hard at work for about a month, to see some of our progress: here's our public-facing subreddit. We have some music, art, writing samples, and very early game prototypes you can find by digging around there. (Sorry, it's not very organized...)

The game will star Burrito - the androgynous Espeon from Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal - and costars members from the first three generations of TPP. It's going to take place in the a private school, and have a ton of references to the main game. The game will use a 'friendship points' based system, in which you need to have a certain amount of points with particular characters to unlock certain routes. It will be released to the TPP sub-reddit in several installments.

Our team already has 4 artists, why do we want more?

1. Because you love Twitch Plays Pokemon! You should really want to be part of this! Technically, we'd be fine without additional artists, but then our chapter 1 launch date will get pushed further back, which is bad because:
2. We want to launch our first chapter fast! Twitch Plays Pokemon is an large and insanely fast moving community, characters are created and developed in half a day, a religion was made in a week, and complete epics are told in a few weeks. As contributors to this community, our team needs to make our game with a similar speed, or risk falling too far behind.
3. We want great artists! I think there are some really fabulous artists in this board, so we're trying to recruit from all over to get the best talent.

We are going to be drawing Pokemon in clothing and probably a few CG scenes. We are sticking to the original pokemon designs and keeping things PG. For the 6 datable characters, we are planning on doing at least 2 poses with a bunch of different emotions. For the protagonist (we decided to make Burrito a character, and not 'you' the player), we are doing at least 4 poses and even more emotions.

Whether we draw backgrounds depends on how much time we have - we might just use photoshop filtered photos. We will be moving at a breakneck pace, and hope to release Chapter One within a few months, but of course, quality comes before deadlines.

Assuming Chapter One gets a positive reception, we'll be working for as long as the TPP community exists, working on pushing out more chapters with more characters.

Please note, our team is made up of volunteer fans of Twitch Plays Pokemon - if you're looking for money, this is NOT the project for you.

Please tell me if you're interesting in joining our team!

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