Seeking GUI artist for update to commercial game

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Seeking GUI artist for update to commercial game

#1 Post by papillon » Sun May 04, 2014 12:20 pm

I'll be posting this elsewhere as well, but hey, you guys know what goes into a Ren'Py game, it saves time explaining. :)

I intend to release an updated version of Date Warp for Steam in the near future, and I want to spruce up the GUI in the process, as this is an old game and its style is a bit lacking. Looking for art that enhances the sci-fi flavor of the game, but definitely not the all-blue-and-chrome look of "space" games. Steampunk and mad science are better themewords.

Definitely need:

New backdrop/frame for the area around the outside of the scene window, which will contain updated control buttons and some extra dials or flashy-lights to indicate the status of other variables. (I'll talk in more detail to whoever takes this on, of course)
Save/Load screens
Preferences screen
Jukebox / Ending list
Main menu buttons/layout
Confirmation quit screen

Might also need:

Dialog box (it's super-basic right now. but it works. so it's low on my list of things to mess with.)
Tweaks to puzzle-mode - probably not the wires themselves, but the background behind the wires and the buttons and so on, maybe.

Programming skills not needed. Spiky will be doing the implementation. I just need an artist. I would prefer it if the design elements will still work with a resizable game window, so that we can handle widescreen resolution as well as the original 1024x768.

If you have general questions it's fine to ask here, money questions should be handled privately though. Suffice it to say that YES of course I will pay you.

Anyway, if you think you have the knack of VN GUI design please contact me with some pictures of things you've done and a general idea of the sort of money you're looking for (I don't expect that to be final until you've gotten more into the details). For organisation's sake, please PM me, my spam filters sometimes get overzealous when new people write me with art attachments, a PM is more certain to be seen.

Having previously played the game and having some idea what I'm talking about would be a plus, but it's the art that matters. :)

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