Light sci-fi backgrounds needed

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Light sci-fi backgrounds needed

#1 Post by KomiTsuku » Fri May 09, 2014 12:28 pm

Hello, folks, I'm back again with another set of commission requests. I am currently working on a remake for a science fiction visual novel, Rising Angels: The Red Rose, (RA: Hope is the new name) and need a set of backgrounds for it.

What I need is...
15 background for a light science fiction town/military base setting. The story takes place at a military academy for new officers. While there are spaceships and the like, the technology and culture is much closer to a western europe modern setting. Late summertime. 4 backgrounds will need a day and night variation and 2 of them will need sunny/stormy variation.

Size: The game is in 1366x768, so anything of that size or a larger ratio is required.

Style: I am looking for a more 3D/cel-shaded type background that will match the sprites. This means that I am not interested in painty backgrounds. While it doesn't have to be cel-shaded, I require a much more crisp background. The perspective for all pieces would need to be eye level.

Rights: The remake will be commercial, so I do need those rights. Very, very cheap, but still commercial.

Deadline: The deadline will be 3 month from now, though sooner is much more preferable so we can start CG commissions.

Budget: $60 per piece; 50% upfront/50% upon completion, per piece

I look forward to hearing responses. Any questions, comments, or random tangents can be sent to me via PM or commenting here. Thank you for your time.

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