Need Music/Composer--Trade Art for Music!

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Need Music/Composer--Trade Art for Music!

#1 Post by whitty-boo » Fri May 09, 2014 11:53 pm

Hi everyone! Next month will be the birthday of my best friend and I really wanted to surprise her with custom music. Every year I always make a "music video" for her birthday and this year I want to make this video to some custom music!

The only problem is currently I don't have a budget. HOWEVER, I can offer you my art services in exchange for your art. Whatever you price your music at, I will exchange the equivalence in art.

As far as themes go, I wanted to make it a theme song for one of her original characters. (This character is the protaganist of the VN that I'm working on with her, so there is a chance this song will be used in the VN. Since that's the case, you must be okay with this fact.)

The character's name is Maeko; this character is a young girl who is caught up in a mess she has no control over, and doesn't want conflict. She is a star student, fencing team captain, is sweet and respectful, but she is now in a dilema, caught in between two of her dearest friends and cannot pick one over the other. She simply wants peace, but encounters a lot of heartbreak and sacrifice before she can get to it. This is a character that had a happy life, but is now in an endless, uneasy cycle of conflict. She perseveres but inside she is in turmoil.

I want something that has an epic orchestra sound, but is not "battle" like, meaning it has a sweeter, even sadder tone to it. Something that really reflects her character. I like woodwinds and string instruments. Maybe a wide range cello would be good.

I'm thinking of a song that is 2-3 minutes long, but no more than that since I understand the longer it is, the more time consuming, and I want it done before her birthday (June 15) with some extra time for me to made her annual birthday video.

Since I've never commissioned music before, I won't set a price. Please reply below your rates and a link to a demo reel or soundcloud or youtube channel that I can listen to your stuff at. I really need someone that is willing to work closely with me to create something special for my best friend, so it would be great if you could also be contacted easily through gmail chat or skype. I also need someone that is patient and willing to answer questions as I am new to commissioning music.

I hope to see lots of good work and thank you for reading!

Email or PM me for rates |

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Re: Need Music/Composer--Trade Art for Music!

#2 Post by MusicAO » Sat May 10, 2014 2:53 am

I could help out, you can listen my examples through my music thread (link in siggy)

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