Novice Looking for Art Direction

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Novice Looking for Art Direction

#1 Post by pineapplepocky » Sun May 18, 2014 8:32 pm

I wanna try and be a sprite artist, but lack the knowledge of actually being one.
I hope that if you guys check out my work and someone likes it, I can collaborate and have a lot of direction to know how the big people do it. I still charge for my sprites though, even though I'm new, I just er...have no direction as to how I should approach it...from what needs to be made, how the assets should look, etc. etc. I am going to require a lot of direction. Best way to learn is to do it, right?

Another thing is that I am not that great with digital art shading skills, so my work mostly consists of images shaded with markers. Time wise, I am far quicker with markers than I am digitally. I use Photoshop to fix up loose ends and make it so all the marker pieces/coloring blend in perfectly when they are attached to the original image, and get rid of the white background to make it transparent, just like any other digital sprite. Work looks a bit different from most things I see around here, but I don't think I should conform unless I'm really desperate. I'm also not a very 'clean' artist. My work looks a bit rough too, but I can intentionally make it rougher or cleaner if you want.

I am building up a portfolio, but I'd like to ask what I should stick in it. I just have a few pieces here, don't know what else I should show...need some direction.
I put some stuff here. (will be updated with more soon)
My interests are in whatever I think is cool. I think I have the hardest time drawing middle age men around 30-50 years old though.

So if you are interested in this style of work, and would like to be a mentor for me, please message me.
Also, if you just have a linework that needs to be colored with markers, I am completely capable of that as well.
Still guessing on pricing though...I know I'm a novice but I still think I should get some sort of compensation.

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