Writer, Editor, and Publicist for Hire!

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Writer, Editor, and Publicist for Hire!

#1 Post by Airie » Sun May 25, 2014 4:42 pm

Hello! I'm Airie and I am here to offer my services to you! I can work for free, but will gladly accept available payments via paypal so I can squeeze in a living somewhere. I am a dialog writer and editor, and I also can work as a publicist! I have a specialty blog on tumblr that I just started for that purpose, and I would love to feature any works, whether you need people to test out what you have so far or just want to get the word out about your project. Message me the name and a synopsis of the work as well as a minimum of one picture and a general content warning/rating (R rated work vs PG and the like and a trigger warning tag would be preferred for promotion). I will publish it in the appropriate subsection and post download links, so provide those too when necessary!

Now, for writing and editing, I write in all forms (paragraph, script, novella), but only in English. I will write adult content as well as regular content, and I will write any sort of romance. I can work as a project manager, but I will probably not really lead my own team for a while.

I am available through the message function on this forum, email, skype, and the specialty blog listed below. Two samples of my writing are below and there are more available upon request. (Samples taken from my personal collection of stories as well as one of my RP blogs.)

Email: peculiarlyairie@gmail.com
skype: crookedOutlook
Blog: http://www.airieandthegames.tumblr.com (This blog was just created so it is empty at the moment)

Writing Sample:
Number 1
Step. Step. Step. The noise continued for a few moments before a pair of feet fell right by her hands. She froze in fear for an instant before gripping her phone tighter in one hand and slowly sliding the other closer to her. They couldn't see, so the light beaming from her phone was not as worrying as it could have been. However, their hearing was dreadfully sharp. So sharp that she had to bit her shirt to make sure none of the noise of her sobbing leaked through her teeth.

After several agonizing seconds, it moved away from her hand, to another corner of the room. The corner with the door. She almost let her usual brand of a string of curse words leave her mouth, but she quickly thought better of it. Checking her phone once more, she locked it and put it back in her jumper pocket. It was strategy time.

‘The door’s open. Just gotta get it away from there,’ she reasoned. Her eyes scanned for a distraction, and they quickly found one. On the floor was a partially broken glass cup.

Very carefully, she grabbed it, making sure not to cut herself in the process, and just held it for a moment. She would have liked to think it held some significance; maybe it was her favorite or her mom’s. But no. It was just a broken, old cup. Her family had a lot of those.

Taking a moment to once again review her action, she took a deep breath, as quietly as she could, and threw the glass cup as far away from the door as she could manage. It noticed the loud shattering noise of the cup and began to shuffle towards it, completely passing the table up. When she felt the coast was clear, she immediately got up, which proved to be a bad idea. Her head hit the underside of the table, causing a bang to resonate throughout the room and caused it to “look” toward her spot. Blind eyes met hers, and she gasped, taking in the pale face. It began to shuffle towards her.

Number 2
Himeji nodded thoughtfully before taking the other’s hand and leading him to her room. Her stomach was doing somersaults! She had only kissed one other person a looooong time ago, so to have the feeling back was very much welcome. She had completely forgotten how it felt to have someone else’s lips on her own.

"We’re almost there…" She thought out loud; the short trip to the dorms seemed like a mile! It, however, was worth it in the long run when they got their and she was able to feel that sensation again.
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Re: Writer, Editor, and Publicist for Hire!

#2 Post by briannavon » Sun May 25, 2014 4:51 pm

Have you gotten any offers? :D
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Re: Writer, Editor, and Publicist for Hire!

#3 Post by Airie » Sun May 25, 2014 4:58 pm

No, not yet! But that does remind me.

EDIT: I will work on multiple projects at once, so please bear with me if I am a bit slow at times. I will, however, try to always deliver in a timely manner! c:

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Re: Writer, Editor, and Publicist for Hire!

#4 Post by Lady-Cynic » Sun May 25, 2014 6:48 pm

Hmm, I could actually use you for one of my projects I'm working on. It's small VN, about 10K give or take. I could your writing/editing services and especially your publicist service.

Hope we can work together~!

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