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Writer for hire (OPEN)

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 10:13 am
by Ben Ayoo
Hi everybody,
You want your story written outline to be in dialogue script format so it could be easily coded?
Parts of the writing fleshed out?
The writing to be as close as possible to the original?
Or just writing for a whole project starting from scratch?
Well, I am offering this writing service.

Here is my completed game ... 11&t=26240
One of my writing ... nd-boredom
Another of my writing ... /mary-lost
One of my recent writing.

Mika = m
An otaku. She talks a lot. Spends night watching anime. Mary's friend

Prince = p
He is gentleman to women he loves and a brute to others. Has braces. Hair style covers one eye.

Mary = y
The main character.

Teacher = t

Sachika = s

Susan = n

I am fidgeting my fingers as I walk. My polished shoes feel like lead as I walk. My heart is pumping blood like an oil rig as I walk. I touch my chest. Would I make it to the gate before I collapse?
“Good morning”
Is what fill the air as I walk on.
Today feels strange.
Others around me don't seem to be slightly bothered as they join with others and confidently walk toward the gate. They chatter about how they spent their holidays, their upcoming school term, what they would play during break time. I gripped my chest tighter as I entered the gate and stop. Don't they feel? Don't they feel the atmosphere? Like we have being sent to prison. I dragged the legs. It's better I do this and be done for, I thought. I go in further into the school compound. As I touch the door handle my sweaty hands couldn't help trembling. I let go of the handle, breath in and grip it again.
“1, 2, 3"
"1, 2, 3"
"1, 2, 3 Go” The door didn't open.
My hands didn't push it open.
I closed my eyes to try again.
"1, 2 ...." My hands feel the warm hands. Another's warm hands on my mine. I open my eyes.
He has black hair that flows down and the bangs it produces partial hides his left eye. His right glassy eyes hold me in suspense as it bores through me. I turn my gaze to my hand. My hands on the door handle and his hands on mine.
He smiled.
I am still. Speechless and unmovable like a doll.

With a gentle turn of his hand, my hand opens the door.
He bows for me.
Like a prince.
He says.

Inside, boys running around the desk, girls chatting loudly, it puts to shame coffee house, two were reading, one sleeping, one praying and I standing at the open door. It is home. Nothing has changed. It's comforting.
I go and join those chatting.
Mika is surrounded by other students who are listening in.
As I approach they all quite down.
The silence awkward.
She points at me.
I rub my face.
Well there was nothing on it.
As a matter of fact Mika was the one who looked devilish.
She continues to point at me.
Well this is annoying.
y "WHAT?"
From her desk she removes her PSP and shows it to me. More accurately waves in my face.
y "What is it..."
I cut off when I see what she wanted me to view. In the reflective PSP cover casing, I see what she wanted me to notice.
Behind me is the boy who helped me with the door.
He smiles.
y "Err.. "
I am at loss.
"Just wanted to escort you, to your seat," said the mysterious boy.
y "Uhm thanks."
He leaves.
m "So who was he?"
y "A boy."
m "I know that."
The others sensing it's going to be all girls talk leave for their respective desk, while others join in other conversations.
m "So who's the boy?"
y "I thought he was a senior who saw a junior and wanted to help her with the door but he is such a gentleman, even escorting me to my seat."
m "Stalker you mean. Did you feel how he was heavily breathing down your neck?"
y "That's unfair you don't even know him."
m "Stalkers, Perverts and lolicons. See one of them, seen them all."
y "Coming from an otaku, I hardly think you are the best judge."
m "Really! I spent the whole last week with one. For last night it was with a pervert."
y "Goosh! You are really something Mika. How can you say that?"
m "Well not exactly the whole night. I ended activities with him at 3.00 o'clock."
y "Even so that behavior is unacceptable. What do your parents think."
m "They are liberal."
y "They are scandalous."
m "Well I don't neglect the house chores and my grades aren't that bad."
y "You should ask John, the class president to pray for you and latter seek counselling from him plus the teacher."
m "It's not like am alone. Millions do it."
y "Don't become a statistics."
m "Not all people are like you and go to bed early. Some of the anime characters are so engrossing that one has to finish all the 12 episode show in a day."
y "Wait. Is that it? You were watching an anime."
m "The pervert character in "He is my master" anime was such thrill that I had to finish all the episode and it ended at 3.00. Wait. What were you thinking?"
I can't say it. I was thinking she was doing perverted things.
The bell rang. It was time for the opening ceremony. Students start to stream out.
m "Mary."
y "Yes."
m "I think you act to rushly."

At opening school parade the students stood on the hot sun as the teacher sat on chairs at the shade.
y “Pst! Susan I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”
n “Me too. We would be enjoying the shade.”
y “If you become a teacher, I 'll be the headmaster.”
n “I will be a school inspector.”
y “I will be the District Commissioner.”
n “I 'll be the president.”
y “I 'll be the president too.”
n “Stop copying we can't have two presidents.”
I was about to say Prime Minister when I noticed the teacher at the podium is glaring at us. I looked down and remained silent.

At 8.00 the teacher came to class. He too didn't feel he has changed. He was the energetic joyful self.
t "Now class before we begin."
He was drumming his fingers on the table.
Someone whispered stupid.
t "Well class since some of you feel my drum roll is stupid, I would get straight to it."
t "There is a new transfer student. Come on in."
The door opens and .....
I am intrigued. He is in my class. He is the transfer student.
I will get to know his name. Even something more about him in the introduction. Maybe he won't say much in his introduction. Well for now the name will suffice. He was beginning.
"I am ...."
t "No need for that. The class thinks it's stupid to give introduction. They refused your drum roll. This class is the worst just you ..."
He smiles.
t "... Just, Just Just ..."
t "...just take your seat."
He comes to me.
He takes a seat next to me.
Mika whispers.
"It is prince," he replies.

t "Hmmm"
t "Hmm"
t "Hmm"
All attention are on the teacher.
t "After that long throat clearing, I wanted my voice to be top notch as I teach you but I hear that's stupid."
He slams his hand on the table.
t "Hence you will have group discussion on stupidity while I mark the summer homework which the class president will deliver to my desk."
Two moved their desk to Mika's side. It is Susan and Sachika. That was new to me as Sachika was the geek type who hardly hang out with the talkative Mika. I joined in. The prince joined in. Mika frowned. This was the group.
m "So why did you join Susan?"
n "So you could continue with the anime your were telling us in the morning."
m "What about you Sachika?"
s "......"
m "I conclude it is the same as Susan."
Sachika nods.
m "And for Mary being my friend, she likes to hang around me."
Mika coughs.
She coughs again.
m "When the teacher get this moody and says class discussion, it means it is free time."
She staring at the transfer student, the prince.
p "I figured as much?"
m "Hello? What are you doing here?"
This was unfair. Mika was trying to oust him from the group.
y "FYI. All are welcome in this group."
m "Can our humble backgrounds handle a prince? Such royalty. Such Majesticy"
p "I am attracted to her. I follow her."
He is pointing to me.
m "Spoken like a true stalker."
s "Stupid"
m "Tell her Sachika."
s "Stupid."
p "The lady is speaking about you, I believe."
s "Why you!"
y "Come on everybody. You don't want to attract the moody teacher here."
s "Stupid."
s "Fine the stupid teacher then. So let's get along."
s "Stupid."
y "Yeah I know it is stupid."
s "Stupid."
m "You don't have to take the class assignment seriously."
s "Stupid."
m "Can you cut that out."
y "Wait I think this serious."
s "Stupid."
Sachika nods her and punctuates with stupid.
She shows her a CD case. On the cover is "Learn French language while sleeping lessons."
n "Well she fell for that online scam and got a stupid CD."
She points to her earphone.
p "The earphones are stupid because they are crappy quality."
We are all puzzled by it. What is she trying to communicate?
m "The prince is stupid."
I and the prince glare at her.
m "What? It could be a it."
She shakes her head while saying stupid.
She points to the earphone and CD.
I could see the connection forming.
Earphone. CD. Stupid. Stupid. CD. Earphone.
y "I get it now. He bought the CD casing but all it has is the recording of stupid. She has listened it for such a long time that the only thing she can utter out of her system is stupid."
Sachika nods vigorously in affirmation.
n "Saying the word stupid is what she can do."
m "Like saying the stupid prince."
p "Or stupid Mika."
m "How gentleman of you. Attacking a maiden in such way."
y "I think you are cool."
He smiles.
m "Your braces are freaking me out."
y "Alright. We know what her problem is but how do we get rid of it?"
m "Now I get it that's why you wanted to listen to me as told you about last night anime. It was therapy."
Sachika nods.
Mika stretched his arm, stretched his finger and let a loud yawn. Next she talked, talked and more talking.
This followed by talking and more talking.
Talked about animes, latest figurines, her trip Comiket.
At the end of the period Sachika managed to recover words but mostly it was related in the Japanese culture but she grasped some few English ones that's beside that of stupid.
The bell rang.
The teacher came to us.
t "Well I would like to have the report."
m "What report?"
t "Well of course on stupidity. I did ask for it for it."
m "What about the rest of class?"
t "As I was marking the summer homework, I heard you were discussing the topic so passionately."
n "It was not about that."
t "I heard the stupid several times from your group. The very stupid I heard in the beginning of class."
The prince smiled.
"Uhm! The transfer student being new and all, I am sure it can't be him. He is innocent and so excused."
This was getting stupid. What did he want.
t "Well if not the report, I will comprise with you producing with the one who said stupid."
All are silent.
t "Who called me stupid. I need to have a long talk with her."
y "Another long talk."
I groan.
t "What are you groaning about Mary? I see. It was you."
I was about to protest.
p "She is not the one. It is I."
We all stare at him
t "Impossible."
p "It's true. I can do ventriloquism. I said the word stupid while I was still at the door."
t "Don't protect ..."
p "It is I sir. Only I."
t "Uhm...Err... Okay. Fine. Follow me to the staff room."
Only the chirping of the sallow birds outside is heard.

m "Well that was stupid. He thinks he has earned affection points. Too bad for him this is not a dating sim."
y "Well in my sim. He has the bar to 100%."
I was rushing to them. Something was holding me back. I looked to see Sachika was holding my sweater, pulling it.
s "Wait stupid. It ís stupid fault. Stupid let me come with you. I stupid explaining it was me."
y "You should have owned up earlier."
s "Afraid he take stupid insult from as I trying to make stupid deliberately angry."
I heave.
s "Let stupid go and clear misunderstanding."
y "Well since stupid is in your speech, it will cause more of misunderstanding. I will accompany and help in communicating."
s "Thanks stupid."

The matter was cleared up and we were allowed to go.
y "Thanks for stepping in but..."
p "I know. You think I act to rushly."
y "Well I am told I do that too."
p "If that's the case, I sense 100% compatibility."
y "Err. Uhm ..."
p "Sorry I don't want to make you nervous or anything. It is just that you are the apple of my eyes. The engine of my car. I love ..."
y "Aha! Look class is just 20 meters away. I better run since the next class has already begun. Bye."
p "My day begins with ..."
His voice fades as I run to the class.

m "Well deducing from your panting you were chased by a stalker."
I am still trying to catch my breath.
m "See I was right. Frightening girls heart out."
y "It is more like he makes my heart skip a beat."
m "You are hopeless."
y "Isn't the teacher not coming to this class?"
m "About that. I need your help."
m "She has gone for a little while and I remembered I didn't do her homework. I blame it on the long list of summer anime line up."
y "You can do it now before she comes back. If I remember they were only 20 multiple choice questions."
m "About that. While you were gone I was trying to finish a dating sim when the teacher came."
y "And?"
m "My thumbs are numb. I can't hold a pen."
y "So you want me to write you your assignment."
m "More like writing what I dictate."
y "You lead a busy life. Animes at night, visual novel and dating sim at the day."
m "It can't be helped. They produce more than I can consume."
y "I will do it."
m "Yeah. I knew I could count on you."
y "Wait, I didn't finish. On condition you halt hostility on the prince."
m "The prince. You think of him a lot don't you? With a cheesy name like that, how could you be attracted to him."
y "I think it is his face and smile."
m "A face like that throwing cheesy lines like "You are the apple of my eyes. The engine of my car."
y "How did you find out about that?"
m "You know what they say. Even before truth has a chance to put pants on, rumor has reached half way the globe."
y "Anyway I think he is nice."
m "Nice to you...."
y "You want to finish the work before the teacher comes or not."
m "Okay. I will halt hostility to the stalker prince."
y "Mika."
m "Okay. Okay. I will halt hostility to the prince."
We worked and finished it before the teacher got back..

At the school rooftop.
M "Why prince, take in some of this tasty meat."
p "Why thank you? You can have the carrots. Those eyes need it."
They exchange bites of each others food.
p "It is calm and refreshing on the rooftop."
m "I feel that too."
m "Tell me that is enough."
y "I want more."
m "Okay here comes the lovey dovey stuff."
y "Hell no!"
p "I agree absolutely not!"
m "I thought so."
y "Just shake hands and that will do it for now."
They both shook hands.
y "Friends."
p "Friends."
I add my hand.
y "Friends."


As we walked that evening Mika suddenly stops.
m “The stage is set.”
y “What?”
p “What stage?”
m “The stage set. All new characters introduced.''
y “You are making no sense.“
m “I always wanted to say that just like Roudpll in Mike Spenser show.”
p “So you do sometimes watch normal T.V.“
As looked behind, at the setting sun, the day really did fit it what she said.

*For 20,000 words I charge:
$100 For Western Union or Moneygram
$110 For Paypal payments
For writing projects from scratch the prices will be discussed in the pm.
*I'm also willing to negotiate prices.

For now, I only seek paid position.
Half of the payment made on the beginning of the project and on completion the other half of the payment.
I am unwilling to go for writing that goes above the 150000 word count. However for the writing from scratch project that needs a writer, I can accept this.
I will give any project that I will be assigned 110% dedication and finish it off in a timely manner.
I can do any genre. I like mostly drama, comedy, romance and slice of life.

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Re: Writer for hire (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:52 pm
by Ben Ayoo
Open again.