Free sprite and CG artist for ONE PROJECT [open]

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Free sprite and CG artist for ONE PROJECT [open]

#1 Post by Kokoro Hane » Mon May 26, 2014 10:56 pm

I want more experience in sprite-making and CG making for visual novels, so I thought I'd like to offer my services for ONE non-commercial visual novel project~ Simple front view sketches as refs would be preferred (Yes, I can work with it even if it's childish looking, since I'm used to redrawing some of my old work anyway XD) though I can work with a description, it'll just mean delivery time will take longer.

I prefer if the project is not too large, but that doesn't mean a large project will scare me away either. I also hope there is some good progress on it, and again, if not it won't scare me away. I can also offer MAKING THE OP/ED VIDEO FOR FREE if you don't already have someone (plus if I am making all the art assets, I'll have everything I need, you'll just need to give me the song and backgrounds).

Sprites are drawn digitally
CGs will be drawn traditionally, colored digitally!
Delivery time varies upon complexity, but CGs can be done faster than a set of sprites! To be safe, I'd like to say one week for one character's sprite, and for CGs, if they aren't too complicated, about 2-5 a week. More on a good day, of course~

What I Can't/Will NOT Do;
- Animals and creatures (not very good with it)
- Hentai games (not comfortable)
- BL/GL and/or incest (not comfortable)
- Outfits with a lot of fine details (run it by me and I'll see if I can manage, though)
- Very little clothing (not comfortable; sexy is fine, but there's a point)
- Gore, graphic violence (BLOOD IS FINE THOUGH~)
- Old characters (not skillful with it yet, but I can draw adults)
- Fat characters (never attempted using that anatomy yet)

Anything else I can or am willing to try, just run it by me and I'll see what I can do!

Examples of my work;
Nina sample.png
A free sprite, but I have added 2 new outfits which will be updated to her download later
Cory preview.png
A free sprite I made
Sprite from my own game
Sprite from my own game
Sprite from my own game
CS Promo logo.png
Promo art for my webmanga, for an example of my style for promotional art and CGs.
This was a contest entry for Damaged927's contest at dA. This one is done all by MS Paint and a little GIMP for the flames.
Illustration from my manga, also to show as example of my style I'd use for CGs.
2 chibi commish.png
Commish for TsubakiNoHana at dA, for an example of my chibi work.
A concept sketch of one of my own OCs, to show an example of how I do sketches.
So, what are my services?
- Sprites with multiple expressions and poses!
- Different hair styles and clothing upon request~
- CGs and promotional art, as well as any images you need for the game's interface (main menu, backgrounds in various menu features), and cover art~
- Opening/Ending videos upon request~ Just provide the backgrounds and song if you do want me to make one

All I ask in return;
- I would love to beta your game, if you have a beta stage
- Credit me as Kokoro Hane for the art~

So if you need an artist for your project, don't have/want to spend money, and you like what I have to offer, feel free to PM me or reply to this post. I can only have one project right now at a time though, and commissions are top priority even over my own stuff, so yours WILL get done first!

Please tell me the title of your game and link me to your game's WIP/ideas thread if you have one. If not, tell me about the game as I like to know what I am getting into. Thanks in advanced for looking~
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