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[paid] Artist Required for Sci-Fi FloorPlans

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:24 pm
by Dharker

I am currently in the very early pre-alpha stage of development for a new visual novel and so am looking for an artist who can design some sections that will be included within the game.

The game itself is set in a sci-fi setting, where the player owns his own space ship and gets to explore the universe on his own terms. Quite a bit of work has already gone into the story but now it is time to look to the artwork.

Once section of the game will allow players to see a 2D representation of the spaceship, complete with corridors, rooms all in a beautiful anime style.. Or so we have planned. Players will be able to then select different parts of the ship on screen to explore the ship.

The style itself will be in a similar style to that of the game Warhammer Quest's floorplans that was recently released for mobile devices. Examples can be found here:
Ideally we would like a similar style but with a sci fi style. I am thinking the ship interior will be like a cross between the hyper technology of star trek and the lived in homely feel of Firefly. So amazing technology but a little worn in.

I have a fairly small budget at the moment as this is the early alpha, but will likely to have more work in the future as funding becomes available and we move into beta testing later in the year.

So if interested please send me an email to discuss in more detail your prices and to send me examples of similar work. Due to the nature of the design I would ideally also like to see some examples of floorplans or an anime style to show you can perform to this level.

Please email me at: or

Thank you.