Seeking Artist for 'The Underdog's Tale' (Closed)

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Seeking Artist for 'The Underdog's Tale' (Closed)

#1 Post by infel » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:52 pm

I'm new, but I've been going here for a while now. Anyway, I've decided to make a game called 'The Underdog's Tale'. I thought it would be an interesting project to work on with someone, and I'd love to give it a try. I can't pay you anything since money is really tight for me, but I'm a coder, singer, and writer, so maybe we can come up with a deal. But if you're doing it to have fun, and want to help me see this come alive, then that would be really cool.

At the moment I really need a sprite artist. I'm looking for anime style, or 2D style. There will be seven characters(might get rid of one), with four of them being obtainable guys. I don't really expect this game to be overly long either, but it will take some time. Also, the sprite artist will have to keep in contact with me, and will need to update at least once a weak. For the four guys, I'm going to need uni, normal, and formal wear. About eight expressions for each guy as well, but we can discuss that if the artist wants less. If you're interested, we should talk more about their looks, and ideas you might have. I like hearing what you'd have to say about them, and want advice on them. This game would be a collaboration.

Here's some more info-

Plot-Kira has known nothing but bad luck and misfortune since she was a kid. But she has never allowed herself to become depressed or sad about it. Instead, she does her best to be herself, and not let the bullying she gets ruin her. However, her simple life becomes complicated when she suddenly gets a love letter. Confused, and in shock that a guy likes her, Kira dismisses it, only to receive a batch of flowers the next day. Now with a longing to know who sent her the letter, or even if it's real, Kira manages to narrow it down to four guys. However, these four guys are anything but an easy catch, as each of them are popular boys who would normally never give Kira the time of day. So, Kira has a choice, find the one who sent her the love letter, or forever be the underdog.


Kira-Our underdog. She is extremely clumsy, is a magnet for bad luck, and can't stay away from food if her life depended on it. Despite this, she is an easy going and friendly person, though has a bit of a habit to shoot her mouth off when feeling intimidated. Her life is pretty average, and she is use to the bullying that comes her way. However, when getting a certain love letter, everything becomes a bit complicated due the fact the candidates for the letter are not only super popular, but each have their own crazed fan girls. When not doing school, Kira can be found writing or singing in the shower.

Ryoga-The school athlete who is seeking a scholarship for sports. Ryoga is a nice and energetic guy, and has a deep passion for anything exercise. He is also quite lazy with school however, and is barely passing his classes. Due to his skill with anything sport like though, Ryoga gets a pass to still be on the school sports team. Ryoga also has a bad habit of believing in the supernatural, and isn't afraid to scare anyone with one of his stories. Even though he is an overall nice guy, he does have a bit of a tendency to break the hearts of girls and has earned a rather bad reputation in the dating department. But in reality, he just too stupid to understand how a girl feels, and doesn't get why they take everything so seriously. Ryoga is also one to always have a cheery smile for everyone, even guys, which has labeled him to be very optimistic person. Still, Ryoga can get very jealous towards people, especially his older brother who is known as the sports king in school, despite having graduated.

Satoshi-Day dreamer and quiet guy who is always off in his own little word. Though not very social, Satoshi has somehow gained a big following of girls. Maybe it's because of his bad boy look, or his deep voice, but girls can't help but swoon over him. Satoshi however, is anything as what he appears to be. He is indeed very quiet, but has a deep view on the world. His favorite pass time is reading anything that has to do with fantasy, or creating a world of his own through writing. Satoshi has deep hate for annoying people, most being the girls that won't stop chasing him, and can't stand when being bothered when he is thinking. He is a guy who likes those that take the time to think, and don't go off into the next trend. When not reading his novels, or going off into dream world, Satoshi can be found talking to himself....?

Kenta-A guy who is the head of the school's newspaper. Kenta is well known around school for his interesting, though not always true, stories. He will do anything, and go anywhere to find the next big scoop, even it means camping out at school. Kenta is determined and very ambitious, even sometimes seemingly ruthless when dealing with rivals. Though not as popular as Satoshi and Ryoga, Kenta does have his own place in the school. Before he graduates, Kenta longs to find the biggest story ever, and he mind get such a wish with Kira. Can also be a bit dramatic.

Arata-The jerk pretty boy who isn't above bringing others down. Arata is Kira's greatest rival in drama club, and he spends most of his time making her life a living hell. Spoiled, impatient, and sometimes cruel, Arata is still very popular in school. Since coming from a high class family, he believes himself to be above many. Still, he treats most with respect, yet seems to have deep disdain for Kira. Despite some negative traits, Arata is a romantic, and smart guy, who has a deep passion for the arts. When not trying to flirt with girls, or keep up his appearance, Arata can be found in drama club, acting his time away. No many know why he has conflicting feelings for Kira, yet Kira knows of Arata's secret about having a rather strange obsession. What could it be?

Serena-Kira' only and best friend. She is a strange girl who talks in a robotic way. Still, her popularity level is much higher then Kira's, due to the fact that she is a very pretty girl. Unlike Kira, Serena isn't one to talk much and prefers to watch people. However, she is still a blunt girl and isn't afraid to be honest, especially to people she doesn't like. Though Kira's friend, Serena seems to know about the rumors spreading about her. Wonder why that is?

Mishima-Know bully and younger sister of Arata. During school hours, Mishima can been found keeping everyone in check along with her crew. Due to her cute nature, she has caught the eyes of many guys. But don't let her face fool you. She knows how to fight, and isn't afraid to kick the ass of anyone that is seen being bullies. Hates how her brother flirts with every girl, and has a crush on Satoshi.

Ayumi-A popular girl in Kira's class, and 'girlfriend' of Arata. She is a vain, proud, and selfish girl, who believes appearance is the most important thing for a girl to have. Like Arata, she loves to flirt, and it is wondered why she's even dating. When her relationship begins to become rocky with Arata, she has her eyes set on Satoshi, and Ryoga.

I hope to find someone interested in this. If you are, leave a comment here, or in my mail box. Also, I have skype so we can talk there. Thanks again for anyone who is interested :)
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Re: Seeking Artist for 'The Underdog's Tale' (GxB,High Schoo

#2 Post by Stilts » Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:14 pm

I wouldn't mind helping out with this. Some of my work can be found here: ... 54&t=26968

Oh, and how much of the script do you have written out already? Just wondering c:

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Re: Seeking Artist for 'The Underdog's Tale' (GxB,High Schoo

#3 Post by Karamelow » Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:06 am


I am interested in your project, it sounds interesting! I'd be happy to help you in your work. I can do sprites (with different poses/expressions/outfits), GUI and potentially CGs.
Here are some samples of my work :

A CG with my own style but I think I can try another style: ... sample.png

Headshot (shot of a character from here : ... adshot.png

Sprite's expressions : ... ermark.png

Random illustrations : ... buhbuh.png ... ubey-1.png ... steine.png ... eluche.png ... kawaii.png ... pecolo.png

I hope you like it ^^

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