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For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Writer, Editor, Translator, and Idea bouncer for Hire

#1 Post by Lady-Cynic » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:46 am

I'm currently in a bad economic situation, and even though we caught some breaks, my family and I still need to pay the rent. Seeing as I now have a working computer, I'm opening up some writing commissions.

1) Riva Celso
2) Open
3) Open

Writing Rates:
  • Under 1K = $0.10 per word
    1K = $8
    5K = $15
    10k+ = $45+
Elias: So this Benny and Silvia harassed you because you were in an illicit relationship with a boy named Adrian?

Danny: Well, when you put it like that, it does sound kinda bad.

Elias: Actually, it sounds kind of sad.

Danny: -To himself- I looked up at him sharply. Why would he say that?

Elias: I mean, it wouldn't be an illicit affair if you were allowed to have an open and public
relationship like everyone else. You wouldn't be in trouble with anyone and you definitely wouldn’t be stuck down here with me. I think that’s sad.

Danny: -To himself- I didn't know how to how to react to that. Empathy isn’t something I receive, let alone from a creature that ate humans. -To Elias- Yeah, I guess it is sad, but it’s the way life is. We just have to live with it. –To himself- Elias snorted derisively at me, as if I had said something particularly stupid that he found funny. -To Elias- What?! -To himself- Elias shook his head, quietly chuckling before looking up at me with a particularly wide smile.

Elias: I never pegged you to be a docile little thing. You remind me of a small dog a friend of mine had.

Danny: What, you have friends? And here I thought it was impossible! -To himself- I don’t know why I was so sarcastic with him. There was something about him that set me off; there was no rhyme or reason to his attitude. His smile grew wider, if possible.

Elias: You’re just like Eileen’s dog! He would seem so submissive and docile, but rile him long enough and he’ll try to bite your hand off. You’re a cute little dog is what you are.

Danny: I’m not a dog! I’m not some pet to showoff and I’m not something you can own. I am a human being with my own thoughts and emotions. I am not some trophy to put on your shelf and take out when you have guests to entertain. I am not an object. I am not a piece to be admired. I am a human being. I own myself, no one else! Got that? –To himself- He gave me a frozen shocked look. But I couldn't help it. My whole life, my parents had treated me like an object, and I hated it. 18 years of self loathing and depreciation was too much for me to handle, and I had exploded in that one moment. I ground my teeth before I could say anymore. I hated the feeling of being degraded to nothing more than an object, a mere showpiece. I was so consumed by my anger I didn't notice I was crying until I felt unfamiliar fingers wipe away my tears. Elias was looking at me with a sympathetic gaze. I couldn't stand it and moved my face away. His hands fell down to his lap.

Elias: I’m sorry if I made you cry. I forget what it’s like to be human that I sometimes say offensive things.

Excerpt from Chapter One of Wendigo
Enia: –To herself- Henry never talks about his time with the humans. He gets so angry and yells at me to leave him alone… -To Henry- Isn't this where you were born?

Henry: -Ignoring her, an angry look on his face- Let’s go.

Enia: Goddammit Henry, don’t ignore me!

Henry: -Turning towards Enia- Listen to me sis, and listen very carefully. We need to lay low. From now on, you’re called Ellen. No objections. Don’t say anything to anybody, don’t look at anybody, and whatever you do, don’t tell them the truth. Humans like to see what they want to see, but even they aren't so damn blind all the time either. The human world has changed a lot over the years, but there is one constant to them no matter what: their nature. They’re not like you or me, where it’s in our blood to do chaos; we can’t help it. Humans do it because they can. Humans are evil.

Enia: I know already! You've always told me that, but if what you’re saying is true, then how are we safe here?

Henry: -Grimacing- Because even Drayden fears them.

Enia: -To herself- There’s no way in Hell that’s possible; Drayden even managed to snag a fucking angel. Humans can’t honestly be that cruel? –To Henry- Why is he afraid of humans so much then?

Henry: -Closing his eyes in a pained expression- It’s a long story, and honestly, I’m not up for talking about it. –Eye smiling- How about we sing a song while we walk instead.

Enia: -A disgusted look on her face- Ugh, how about no. -They keep walking until they reach the outskirts of town-

Henry: -Frowning suddenly- We’re here.

Enia: -Looking at him suspiciously- You look like you want to burn something to the ground?

Henry: -Eye smiling- Who, me? I would never do such a thing.

Enia: -To herself- Something’s bothering him. I want to know what, but I know he won’t tell me even if I ask. He never tells me anything about his past. –To him- One of these days, I’m going to find out what happened to you here.

Excerpt from Chapter Two of To Hell with Love!
It was dark in the room. The only light source was the flame of a candle about to be extinguished, and Drayden wondered once more what he was even doing here. To get revenge against a cousin who was unable to save his lover all those years ago? To claim more power in a position he didn’t even really want or care for? To settle the hatred against the humans that burned so strongly in his veins? He didn't know. Instead, he opted to stare at the wick, watching the flame burn, despite shortening its’ own life by consuming itself. It gave him no answers. A rustle could be heard behind him, and Drayden was momentarily reminded that he was not alone. Mikailas… Honestly, if there was one race that Drayden should hate more than humans, it should be angels. But Mikailas, he was … different.

He smelled like spring meadows and blood; there was a fierceness him, the Righteous Fury of a true angel, which settled on his face during the heat of a battle, and there was no more beautiful sight to Drayden than Mikailas, smattered with gore and blood, hacking away at his enemies with the dignified grace and a lethality of monster. It was truly awe inspiring. And then there were the moments of softness. Of when, early in the morning, Mikailas would wake before him, lazily drawing circles on his chest, not a care in the world except for that moment in his arms. Of the vulnerability and trust he gave him when he accepted his advances. They way he would give him sly glances on the field, fully knowing the affect it had over him, they way he furrowed his brows when he was in deep concentration, the way he sometimes just stop and took a moment to appreciate his life. Yes, Mikailas was different, and Drayden almost loved him because of that.

Mikailas shifted again in bed, blindly groping for Drayden’s body. “Dray?”

His voice was thick with sleep, and Drayden didn't need to turn around to know that Mikailas had raised his head, squinting and scrunching up his eyes and brows, his hair stuck in all directions. He didn't need to turn around to know that he probably had a look of fear, and worry, maybe even a layer of love. He didn't need to turn around to know all this, but he still did it anyways.

“Go back to sleep Mikailas.”

“Mmm, come back to bed…” He sounded almost as if he was drunk, and Drayden chuckled. It seemed that he had fallen back asleep the moment the words escaped his mouth. He blew out the flame and padded softly towards the bed. It was getting late anyways…

Bonus short from To Hell with Love
NOTE: I can work directly in Ren'Py script if it would be easier for your programming team. All the actions in italics will just be comments so that your programmer would just have to change them with the corresponding images.

For more of my prose and poetry, you can check the writing section of my blog here.

Editing Rates:
  • 1K = $5
    5K = $10
    10K = $20 (negotiable)
I currently do not have any samples of work that I edited seeing as my friend is out of town and I don't have really access to his material at the moment.

Idea bouncing services are free, seeing as I can't fully see anyway to rate that.

I'm comfortable with nearly all subject matters, be it B/B, G/G, or heterosexuality. I can also do NSFW and gory writing, but I won't post here to keep it clean.

Turn around time:
Depending on the length of the material or how you want me to write it, it can take from a day to a few weeks. This is will be dealt on a case by cases basis, but the general gist is that I work pretty fast. It doesn't hurt that I'm an insomniac so I'm by the comp nearly 24/7.

Note: I'm fluent in English, have intermediate to advanced skills in Spanish, and know basic Japanese, so if you need something translated, it can be done. Rates are the same as my writing rates.

I work with Paypal; no exceptions. I'd like to be payed half of my rate up first and the second half once I give you your material. All prices are negotiable, but I do have standards, so I won't go extremely low either.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that my PayPal email is mabele123@yahoo.com (It's a different email since it's my more "professional" email, but I tend to use my other one for more important stuff since my main one has been bogged with college stuff lately.)

You can contact me via this thread, PM, my email (ladychan101@yahoo.com), or skype (lady-chan101).

I can work in MS Word, Google Docs (under a different email since my yahoo won't work with Google Docs for some reason????), and script.rpy.

Hope y'all consider me,

--Mabel E.
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