Writer looking for project/s (paid or free, see inside)

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Writer looking for project/s (paid or free, see inside)

#1 Post by desulishor » Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:25 am

Since there's a quiet phase with my own projects, I'm offering my (so-called) skills for other works. I'm comfortable with either bouncing ideas or writing based on existing scripts. The genres I have the most experience with are fantasy, light sci-fi, romance and slice-of-life, when it comes to pairings, I've only written BxG in a serious manner, but I guess I'm open to experimentation. I don't enjoy writing anything too gory, but I'm no stranger to adult material either.

Or how about a sample?
"Fields, fields and still some more fields. Apart from the occasional country houses, that was pretty much all I could see."
"I wonder if this is was what people meant with the edge of the civilization, the vast unknown..."
"Well, that's obviously an exaggeration, but it was still true that this place was pretty far away from just about everything."
"I let out an empty sigh, kicking a nearby pebble forward, as I took another step." "Thinking back, just how had I ended up out here in the first place?"

"It was the beginning of summer, when it all started..."
"Well, that was only yesterday, so effectively it was still the beginning of summer."
"But that was of little importance right now. Either way, the story goes that my folks had somehow decided to send me on a summer visit to my grandparent's house..." "Actually, it's my father's grandparents, to be more accurate, but it's not like that matters either."
"So, returning to the current moment, I was walking along the seemingly endless gravel road that traveled past this countryside."
"It's not that I had some special reason either, it's just that, a place as empty as this one, there was very little else to do..."
I've completed two games in the past, so I'm confident in taking a project from start to finish. For my past works, check http://www.indiedb.com/members/desulishor/games Some of my older stories are also upped here: http://desulishor.deviantart.com/gallery/

Stable rate: 6$ for 1k of words, editing included, save for total rewrites.
If the project itself interests me, I'll do it without payment, deals such as profit-sharing or asset trades are also negotiable. So, just send a pm or post here if you want to know more.

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