Why do you make Visual Novels?

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Re: Why do you make Visual Novels?

#46 Post by siluman_rubah » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:30 am

well actually it's because i want to share the stories I write with another type of media (I made comic and write Novels)....

and in Visual Novel.. I can actually made the world according to my imagination.....

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Re: Why do you make Visual Novels?

#47 Post by Colby Alighieri » Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:42 am

I'll start at the beginning.

I'm a gamer and I've played a Dating Sim and the gameplay was interesting even with only reading and clicking stuff. I've always WANTED MORE of those style of games and I thought the category of text-based games are only called "Dating Sims sort-of-ish", so there. I was stuck hanging with dating sims because of the style. I even DREAMED of making some through Flash. But the program was too big and the coding was too much and I can't seem to handle it. So I gave up and only had fun with concepts...

Then I played a sample of Ace Attorney from my friend. "Oooh La La! Text! And... OOH!! Puzzle-solving!" But when I asked what's the game medium, she said its "Text Based". But I can't find games with a category like that! *scratches head*

Years went by until college. My friend was almost always talking about Visual Novels. I kinda felt pity for her because nobody could seem to relate so I tried to relate with her with the question, "What's a Visual Novel?"

She said it's "Text Based" and it has sprites. So I said a follow-up, "Like a Dating Sim? Sort of thing?" She answered it doesn't have to be... and drew what a visual novel looks like to answer another interested person beside her.

And that's where I received the epiphany (after 5 years). The game style that I liked was called "Visual Novels". Dating Sims were only subjects to it.

She introduced me Ren'Py along with other visual novels: Text, RE: Alistair, Ever 17 and Katawa Shojou. And after playing a few visual novels, I got around with the project The Last Order. I was encouraged because she started Vita En Terra.

Also, visual novels was another medium for me to storytelling. Making comics need a lot of time and drawing stuff and consistency... something I have no ability to do. Coding's simple enough and so I jumped in. After all, becoming a Game Maker is one of my dreams. I should start with something small, don't I?
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Re: Why do you make Visual Novels?

#48 Post by redeyesblackpanda » Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:19 am

Playing visual novels (well made ones) feels like... stuff I wouldn't say in front of a young child.
I'm interested in creating my ideal visual novel, because that'll feel like stuff I wouldn't say in front of a grown adult.
(All projects currently on a hiatus of sorts. I blame life.)
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