How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

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Re: How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

#31 Post by HikkiPanda » Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:48 pm

woaah, comic sans is my favorite .... o.o;

from what I read in that link, as long as i use it properly then it's not a problem right? My game doesn't really have a heavy story and pretty light hearted.

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Re: How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

#32 Post by Darkmoonfire » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:40 pm

Sounds like comic sans would be fine for your game to me, HikkiPanda, but some people will have a problem with it even if it does match the game. I'd say go for it and use comic sans if you want. It's your game, and it's important that you use a font you like, and if comic sans is your favorite and matches the tone of your story, then that would be the logical choice.
Well I can understand how overuse of something can cause dislike, I really don't think comic sans deserves the "part of my soul dies every time I see it" comments. I actually like comic sans better than some of the fonts LateWhiteRabbit showed.

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Re: How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

#33 Post by Van Knox » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:36 am

Ah, comic sans. In one earlier project I made(that I never quite released) I had a character that was a complete douchebag. He acted like people from Jersey Shore and spoke only in Comic Sans. I didn't release it because I didn't like how the plot turned out too much. Too fourth-wall breaking for my tastes.

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Re: How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

#34 Post by Glasskitten » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:27 pm

Interesting discussion here.
The Glasskitten has fussed over fonts before, but always got hung up on how to judge what would be appropriate for the WHOLE narrative instead of exclusively the high points or the low points, the whimsical scenes or the solemn scenes, etc. Even the one where the brain-eating space parasites nearly wipe out humanity has a "normal" bit at the very beginning that would look odd draped in font-angst.
The Glasskitten is also intrigued at the option of having its gravestone in Comic Sans. It wonders if its loved ones would allow it. An epitaph like, "GTG HOME NAO KTHXBAI" would work nicely. ^_^
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Re: How do you decide what fonts to use in your VN?

#35 Post by cracklings » Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:36 am

LateWhiteRabbit wrote:1960s
I like this font! What is it and where can I download it?

I do agree a sans serif style is ideal because it's clean and can be easily read over fancier types when you're using a small size, but it feels kind off generic and sterile. I prefer fonts that's not too aligned with one another. I've been using fonts in the "Comic" category because they look more casual to suit the kind of game I'm making, but it's hard to find ones that have lower case letters.

I do like the one used by sake-bento in Re:Alistair. Can anyone tell me what that font is?


By the way, I found this font I wanted to use, but it's a .otf file and I can't find a .ttf version. When I use it, it becomes off-center with the main menu box or any of the preferences menu buttons. It looks okay as dialogue though.. Is there no way I can use a .otf file? Or is a .ttf file more ideal? I'm too much of a beginner to change up anything out of the set themes in Ren'py, maybe in the future when I'm more experienced with this whole thing.

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