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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#16 Post by Anna » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:38 pm

So you just want to get a few ideas here? What are you taking as the max number of wishes? Also, realize that each path will be an entirely different story XD so you'll actually be making X VNs depending on the number of wishes you insert.

It's like asking a player 'do you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer?' and then branches from there, but what's keeping those two storylines together in such a way that you pile them under 'one VN'? Perhaps it's a good idea to think about that too.

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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#17 Post by Mink » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:25 pm

My childhood fantasies/wishes/wants are completely non-romantic:

1) Join the French Foreign Legion

2) Be a Boy Scout

3) Live alone on an island with just my stuffed toys

Yes, I was a little girl who wanted to be a Boy Scout.
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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#18 Post by kaleidofish » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:41 pm

Throwing my wish into the pile, since I haven't seen anyone else yet who wanted to be a ROCK STAR when they were a kid. I even made up my own band and performed air-concerts at recess. It's part of the reason why I look forward to playing Aleema's upcoming game Rock Robin...I'll get to play through the eyes of a rock star and be a bad ass at the same time, haha! I've also wanted to be a writer since I was in third grade.

Anna has some good points you should consider. You've got the potential for a huge visual novel here if you don't make it manageable.
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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#19 Post by OtomeWeekend » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:48 pm

My wish was becoming a man. Actually, I was more on the boyish side since I was a brat(I'm still a brat even now anyway) and even now, I still prefer speaking like a boy, acting whatever. I guess I'm not bi though. The only girlish thing I've ever and still doing is playing otome games while squealing on all the 2D boys squeal-able. I even prefer cool than cute even now though it was slowly starting to change what with my whole rilakkuma fever, my pink pencils, stuffed toys and stuff. I've been changing into a bit girly after moving here in Japan.

I'm even starting to write my letters/kanji in a cutish way rather than my oh-it's-beyond-unreadable-writing xDD
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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#20 Post by Glasskitten » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:13 pm

The Glasskitten wishes:
-to save the world
--with superpowers
--or massive amounts of money
--or social/political power that somehow does not require actual socialization
-for a kind, bishie, drama-resistant help meet
--who shares a similar faith and worldview
--who is also a Jagermonster
--working for the Mossad
--with stronger superpowers than Charles Xavier
--and a charming British accent
-for a kitten
--that remains on the small side even when it grows up
--with long black fluff as soft as a sink full of soap bubbles
-to be extraordinarily cute forever
-to go on a dinosaur hunt and actually find one
--and bring it home and name it something adorable
-for an epic fort
--with blankets on the inside and heavy defenses on the outside
--that can fly
-for a piece of cheese
--specifically orange cheddar
--don't judge me, it's been a long weekend. ><

Surprisingly, these aren't qualitatively much different from what echoed though the Glasskitten's skull as a puny child...

...Showing off to friends isn't really in there anywhere, but...eh, the Glasskitten never claimed to be within normal psychological parameters. ^_^;

In reaction to OtomeWeekend-san's post, the Glasskitten vaguely wonders what benefits male biology would confer.
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Re: Wish Fulfillment

#21 Post by Loveli » Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:43 am

I have an Idea!!! I have always liked the idea of having a weird (actually normal on the outside but when you get to know her too well, and I prefer female MC to be girly!!) protagonist that can see ghosts or other type of spirits like angels and then... voila make them fall in love and you got a pair of star-crosed lovers!! :D Amazing!! You could make a hole harem!! (I prefer of the Otome kind) Have a ghost, an angel, maybe even a little devil and things like those that no one else can see!! And also ad the typical childhood friend that can also be romanced and it's all a lil skeptical about the MC seen spirits!! :D ... It's just an idea tough... a very lousy one that I have always wanted to see!! ._. So might as well post it on "Ideas Dump" . But well... yes I really wish to see a VN like that :D

If you like the idea I'm sure I can come up whit a LOT of more details... But maybe you won't... I don't know, just felt like saying my "wish" xD

So whit the wish thing you said bellice, it could be like "I wish to see ghosts" and BAM you got a sexy ghost haunting you xD
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