Do you make GxB, BxG, BxB, or GxG? Why?

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Re: Do you make GxB, BxG, BxB, or GxG? Why?

#76 Post by CaseyLoufek » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:04 am

Well Bliss Stage just went from BxG/BxB to GxB/BxG/BxB... maybe even GxG I'm handling the code more than writing so I don't know all details yet.

I don't really see these as something to base the game around and I'd make whatever was most appropriate to the game and story in mind. Even a pure romance game I'd start with the characters themselves. I do tend to favor more pansexual and bisexual characters that might be statistically accurate since I'm pansexual and because I like open ended games with lots of options but I don't feel these are the only sort of games I'd make.

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Re: Do you make GxB, BxG, BxB, or GxG? Why?

#77 Post by Nisa-chan666 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:00 pm

I'm still writing my first VN, which is BxG, but I intend to give the other combinations a go, as well as some involving bisexual/pansexual characters. This is mainly because I want to try things and then settle on what works best.

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