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Re: Ideas Dump

#1531 Post by gekiganwing » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:02 am

“What if David Cage wrote a comedy?”

“Super powers are scary.” Flight, invisibility, and FTL speed are fun fantasies. Consider writing them as risky or horrifying. This has been done before. The 2015 Fantastic Four movie hinted at this. The 2003 Hulk movie got close. Perhaps the best example is the early 2000s film Unbreakable...

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Re: Ideas Dump

#1532 Post by nerupuff » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:02 am

I have two rough ideas: one for a very light and fluff otome, and one for a rather serious, (possibly dark) fantasy world VN with major character deaths (maybe).

The light and fluffy otome concept is that there is a girl who grew up with different stuffed toys that she always keeps on her bed whenever she sleeps. These stuffed toys protect her from nightmares. When she grows older, she faces the challenge of letting her stuffed toys go because she's too old for childish toys.

This is where the nightmare world seemingly entangles with her real world. She's old enough to realize that nightmares can materialize and attack her at night. On a rather uneventful night, she is preparing to sleep. She stares at her old stuffed toys and places them on a high shelf. Upon sitting on the bed, a nightmare manifests and is ready to attack her. She braces herself for the worst, keeping her eyes shut, but surprisingly, she is unharmed. When she opens her eyes, there are three young men in the room protecting her (I guess I can describe them as knights in shining armor at this point). Apparently, they were her stuffed toys?!


The second concept is a kingdom where chaos is rampant, but the royal family isn't doing anything to solve its own internal and external problems. To outsiders, this kingdom is blooming and prolific, but it truly is anything but.

The kingdom is powered by special energy sourced from the power of souls. Because of this, people who are born with the affinity/aptitude for harvesting lost souls and utilizing soul magic are regarded as one of the more important people in the kingdom, granting them the right to an especially powerful political faction that influences the kingdom's inner machinations.

The protagonist is an orphan who finds out they have what it takes to apply as a member of the esteemed faction, The Order of Souls, the powerful faction mentioned above. In the interest of her own self-preservation, she fights her way for the right to become an apprentice in the order. As an apprentice, she learns the darker side of the trade, and how it relates to the decaying state of the kingdom. Would she dare to try and save the world she lives in?


I'm working on the second concept more, so I think I will also be posting it on the Ideas subforum once I finally get to write a proper intro and synopsis :lol:
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Re: Ideas Dump

#1533 Post by Sayumi101 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:24 pm

Just your generic otome game where the protagonist wakes up with amnesia one day and can't remember anything from the last two years or so (Okay, maybe not just randomly waking up, go the accident trope or something)
And then she meets a whole set of cute/hot guys.
But then surprise surprise, she discovers she's dating one of them.

Objective: Find out who she's dating and ask out the right guy for the upcoming school festival (prom or anything really)
But then surprise surprise (again), it turns out that she was a horrible player and was simultaneously dating all the guys.

Bonus: If the accident was caused by one of them in a fit of pure jealousy.
New Objective: Find who caused the accident and deal with them.
Reforming her actions or not, does it matter in the end? Will a second chance be enough to tie her down to just one man?

This is just a random thought that came into mind at some point. Will probably never produce this (for obvious reasons, haaha)

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