Survey on Visual Novel games

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Survey on Visual Novel games

#1 Post by Xerofit51 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:33 am

Just wondering in a visual novel, what do people like about it?
Besides a good story and interactive choices I mean. What's your cup of tea, The art. RPG games on a VN or puzzles, arcade games, card, chess, stat building, or just a simple choice Visual Novel. I would like to know because I have an RPG on my demo (used PyTom's framework, THANK YOOOUUU)

Sadly, not many people who play VN likes to play RPGs so I'm kind of confused if I should keep it or not. Without it I'm not sure if my game is good enough, however if I still keep it I'm not sure if I can develop it (The RPG part) more than it is due to the lack of my coding experience. Thus I ask all of you who are willing to spare your valuable time to answer me:

"What do you like most in a Visual Novel?"

-Sorry if my english is confusing (not a native speaker)

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#2 Post by Allegra Hughes » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:19 am

Honestly, art is number one. I won't play a game / watch an anime if I dislike the art (i know i'm picky)
Second would be the story itself if it's interesting, etc

Sometimes I just like playing regular VN because I'm lazy and i don't want to do anything but click away. But at those times when I wanna be active, I do enjoy RPG VN or ones with puzzles :)

Some games have the choice of turning puzzles on and off (cool features imo)

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#3 Post by nyaatrap » Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:33 am

There's not huge difference between VN and (so-called) J-RPG in both in fan-base and market tactics, even in game development. Primary Art, and supportive writing plus game system which doesn't harm art. All 3 are necessary, but bad art kills all value in a commercial market.


Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#4 Post by DeletedUser160413 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:08 am

Definitely the story first. I've seen countless of VNs with amazing art but if the story isnt interesting enough, I will personally not play it. So the story needs to be really good for me to give it a shot.

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#5 Post by SundownKid » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:24 am

Story definitely trumps art, although sometimes bad art can obviously be a turn-off.

I enjoy VN's with game elements, having learned about them from regular video games. But the game part has to be well done to complement the VN. If you think your RPG section will be problematic, then can it unless you're passionate about doing it right. Better to be known as a good visual novel than a mediocre RPG.

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#6 Post by MayPeX » Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:50 am

I'm in it for the story. Personally I like to see a story that displays a meaning, or a recurring theme/message. It's ok to read some action, fantasy, love. But I need a little more than that. Stories that have semi-realistic characters will hook me in. Characters who have morals and change over time, but are not clearly stereotyped severely.

What I want to see more in visual novels is attention to sound design, the sound effects, ambience etc. When I read a visual novel I almost want to pretend I'm watching a film.

Then I guess another thing is music, though I'm not critic on how it's written providing is fits the scene. I'm more concerned with how it sounds in production quality.

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#7 Post by Cobweb » Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:40 pm

I was about to write that I will more often than not go for a game for the art, which is still true... but, it's the writing quality that keeps me playing.

Art is probably best used to sell the game, to garner interest from prospective players because they can form an opinion on that immediately, whereas, the story doesn't come to the fore until you begin to decide whether or not you want to invest your time in the game. For those reasons I would say art and story are 50/50. I also like small game elements, for example: puzzle games (as long as they are related to the story) and stat building can be fun, too! The biggest thing is that everything works together to create the experience that is intended for the player. That's why some dev teams are incredible, the people behind the game just understand each other. I would love to be a part of a team like that. =]

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#8 Post by fleet » Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:56 pm

Artwork that a player likes will attract his/her attention, but the story will keep a person playing.
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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#9 Post by LizBiz » Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:20 pm

Story > art > mechanics

My priority list is pretty basic. That being said, my tastes aren't just that simple! I tend to exclusively like two different types of VNs: stat builders (ala Long Live the Queen) and dating sims (GxB is my weakness, but strong story and art can easily sway me.) Inherently, I don't look for RPG mechanics or puzzles when I'm picking something to play through next. I definitely favor anime-influenced art styles, but I've seen some western-style artists around here that have dropped my jaw.

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#10 Post by chocojax » Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:07 pm

Art is best used for advertising. After that, it still has a role, but a lesser role than the story, in my opinion. (Also, this is the same with the story/mechanics/etc, but if the art is distractingly bad, then, well.)

I'm fine with any sort of art style. Just as long as it's well-done.

If the RPG element helps you tell the story/immerse the reader more, go ahead and leave it in.

Excluding KNs and choice-based VNs, I like stat-raisers and RPGs. There are VNs out there with game mechanics, so! (I think Rance might fit, but...?)

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#11 Post by Flowers from Nowhere » Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:29 pm

Story & Characters > Art > Music

I find minigames distracting but will play them if I like the story and/or characters enough.

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#12 Post by TrickWithAKnife » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:59 am

I don't consider myself a regular VN player, so take my opinions as such.

I'm most likely to play VNs by people I know. This is usually people I've talked to through IRC or PMs here.

Next is either an exceptional or unusual visual style. This would still require a fairly interesting plot summary.

Next is unusual features that I'm curious to see in action.

Finally is plot. It's not last because it's least important. It's last because I'm unlikely to know about the plot unless something else caught my attention first.

All this gets trumped by it being an educational game. I'll try any of them, no matter how bad the writing and art may be.
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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#13 Post by Juneberry » Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:29 pm

I prioritize the story when I play more than the art, but I admit that the art still plays a role for me. The art doesn't have to be professional, but I'd rather it not be stick figures for example. At least fair quality would keep me more interested, but for me, my priority is the story. If I fall in love with the story and the characters, even awkward art becomes not important to me. Of course, I don't play them that often...

I guess for me, it'd probably be in order:
1. Interesting plot with good characters that keep my interest
2. Art
3. Music and how the voice acting fits the character (if there is any, and not priority at all mostly because I don't tend to keep the sound on when I'm on the computer, so I don't hear them half the time- especially if my sound is broken like it tends to be.)

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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#14 Post by noeinan » Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:51 pm

So, I'd say story has more weight in whether a game is good or not, but if you don't have decent art it doesn't matter because no one will look at it. (Or many fewer people.)

That aside, I like RPG elements (like Winter Wolves games) but only if they're done well. If they drag the game down there's negative reasons to have it.

Aside from that, I personally enjoy stories with interesting characters, character development, and character interaction. Part of that, for me, is not having everyone look the same. If everyone is white, or female, has the same face/body type, or whatever, and there isn't a good story explanation I'm going to assume the creator was lazy with their characters and will pass on the game. Also, things that make me think "this game disrespects X group (where that group is women, men, religious folks, or any group really) really turn me off from games. I don't want to support games that make the world more full of fail.


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Re: Survey on Visual Novel games

#15 Post by Chocopyro » Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:56 pm

Art and story are both important to me in VNs and KNs. Though art I can be more lenient about, since most of the time its more of a first impression, and I have grown to love games that had somewhat sloppy art-styles. I've never really played any dating sim styled games where stats have come into play (At least not any good ones, as I may have played 2 or 3 on newgrounds when I was 15 and not found them memorable.) So I can't really say if its something I like or not. Ultimately, I see visual novels as sort of an exploration of what life is like through an anime character's eyes. I mean you can't quite get in the character's shoes quite as much in an anime or a manga. (Maybe a light novel, but I have A.D.D. and I prefer visuals accompanied by the narration.)

I've never played RPG styled VNs either, but hey. I love RPGs, and I love visual novels, so I think I'll give one a go here pretty soon.

Perhaps the most gameplay heavy VN I've played was Rewrite, because of its mappie segments and "Quests". And I found that to be quite enjoyable, especially in replays. So I guess gameplay that sort of serves the experience doesn't bother me. Still, I think keeping minigames and puzzles optional is the best way to go.

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