Overworking on a project

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Overworking on a project

#1 Post by ChillTaco » Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:17 am

When your a lonely dev to shy or to stupid to search for help you may end up overworking yourself. Like Im to the point that every time I think about my project I feel like I just ran 5 miles.

My issue is that I know how to do a lot of things, so I get hyped-up when I think finally I can make something the way I want to make it. But it dosnt start out that way, usually I just want to make something short but good. The I end up wanting to make it better, and the problem is that I can...

So I do, to the point where Im 570 frames of animation into an intro, just the freaking intro of a game. And I suck at paceing myself, I come back from work and school and get right back to the sprites and bgs. Shiit, at work I spend any free time thinking on how Ima fix my lack of programming skills then end up bugging people here at Lemmesoft for links to info on that.

Even without programming skills I still go over the top with the gui.

Now Im on a break and two weeks later I still feel tired. Being a one man team is exhausting, but I still want to work on shit. So I look around the forms 4 people to bug, but the problem with that is my preferred art is aged, here there are not a lot of pixel centric lovers, so surprisingly Im having a difficult time finding someone to bug to take my mind off my work, even though I always work 4 free.

No, I don wana make a post on the recruitment form 'I am an Artist' section. I dont have a reason, just wandering around to go with the flow. Mosty I just want to help out with projects Im personally interested in doe.

By the way.... any one else feel like its reaaaaly stiff and stuffy here? Like dude where are da bros. ah just ignore that.

How badly dose overwork effect you?

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Re: Overworking on a project

#2 Post by Mad Harlequin » Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:38 pm

In my case, it's not really overwork that's the problem---at least not currently---but I am very ambitious, and it's gotten me in over my head sometimes. Even when I'm only working on a volunteer basis, I push myself to do a lot, and I get upset if I feel I'm falling behind.

I'm trying to break that thought pattern; it's not healthy. Now I'm teaching myself to think in terms of a few hundred words per day instead of a few thousand.

It may help you, as it's helped me, to stop thinking only in terms of Big Goals and start thinking about the smaller ones along the way. For example, ask yourself how many hours you are able to to spend each day on sprites. What do you want to do with the remaining time? You don't necessarily have to work on the same thing every day. As long as you work consistently, starting and ending at the same times, you can try other activities too.

And let it be known that there is nothing wrong with taking a short break. You just have to be disciplined about it.
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Re: Overworking on a project

#3 Post by Quelcezot » Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:05 pm

"Whatever must be shall be" is my mantra.

It's easy to set an upper limit, so do that. Don't worry if you overshoot, don't worry if you undershoot. If you don't do enough your project will never be finished and if you work too hard you'll die of exhaustion.

The line between is just a matter of living day to day. In my honest and sincere opinion what you need is not a restrictive regime to work against but a new philosophy.

As for stiffness or what have you, it's there. A lot of writers are gathered here who want to write beautiful prose and come up with conclusive scientific solutions for everything - which is great when you're looking for help with coding! That all said though, none of it really matters, the important thing is that there is a general attitude of helpfulness here and that is something wonderful and rare!

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Re: Overworking on a project

#4 Post by Lesleigh63 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:08 am

It can be a real plodding process and you can feel you're getting nowhere.
However, there are others here doing the same thing and probably feeling the same way.
Just keep going but find some balance between working on your project and finding time to enjoy other things as well.

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