I am selling my website: Visual-Novel.de

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I am selling my website: Visual-Novel.de

#1 Post by Der Tor » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:41 pm

Hi all,

PyTom said it was okay if I post this here, so here it goes:

I am thinking of selling my website http://www.visual-novel.de
It is still by far the biggest German language Visual Novel site there is and usually shows up first on Google when searching for German Visual Novels. So it is great for anyone who wants to enter the German market. But of course you could also make an English language website out of it if you wanted to (most Germans speak English anyway and most of the games introduced on the website are in English after all).

I am doing this mainly because I just don't have enough time any more to really take care of it. And another reason is that it is a Wiki and even though I have been trying my best to keep it free of Hentai, people keep making reviews about Hentai games (and many big commercial Visual Novels are after all Hentai games, so I can kinda understand it) but I am just not comfortable with this any more.

So I am willing to sell either just the domain or the whole website as it is including what is stored on the server.
I can also throw in the other domains that are related to it (the forum, the blog, the old static site etc.).

It used to get 3000 unique visitors a day and have a page rank of 4. But since I neglected it a bit recently, it sank a bit. But it still has a page rank of 2 and gets well over 1000 unique visitors a day.

Since I don't really know what an appropriate asking price is, just send me offers via private message and I will pick the best offer. And of course I would appreciate it if whoever got it didn't make a Hentai site out of it, but of course that is up to the person.
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