People Interested in creating KNs?

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Re: People Interested in creating KNs?

#31 Post by Parataxis » Mon May 30, 2016 8:53 am

I think I want to make a Kinetic Novel at some point but I am not sure yet that I have the right idea for one.

But I agree with the above about suitability--mysteries especially work well with the Kinetic Novel format since there is usually a "right" answer. There's sort of another element to add into the mix I think: people are much more willing to play kinetic novels as games when they have some other sort of "gameplay" associated with them. The Professor Layton Puzzle Games are also effectively Kinetic novels with intermittent puzzles. Ace Attorney is basically a kinetic novel where the puzzle is "how do I progress the game". There's even a ton of "walking simulator" games that are basically Kinetic Novels but for first person camera games where you again move to find the next point of story. This is a lot harder to do well on the amateur level for the VN, I think, because it requires a bit more knowledge of programming and game design. But since all maintream examples have something of that nature, people feel like their game is somehow "missing" something without it, and lacks the ability to engage the audience, which makes them tempted to add in choices to somehow "save" the situation.

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Re: People Interested in creating KNs?

#32 Post by trooper6 » Mon May 30, 2016 11:57 am

I don't define VNs as "has branching storylines"--but "user interaction changes the experience."

So, branching storylines are VNs...doesn't matter if it branches at the very end of earlier...but other things fall under VN for me as well. For example, let's say the plot is linear--"protagonist opens the door and gives money to the person on the other side, that person then kills he protagonist and the story ends." No matter what, the plot doesn't change. But let's say you have lots of choices that help you understand that plot in different ways. Maybe with some choices you pay the person to kill you. Maybe with other choices you give them money you owe them, but it isn't enough so they kill you. Maybe through some choices you are happy to die, in others you are fearful. I would consider this a VN and not a KN.

If the end is th same but how you get there (or if you get there) is dependent on raising stats or minigames...that is a VN for me.

The KNs I've played have no gameplay. They may have voice, they may have sound, they may have super cool animations, but they don't give the player the ability to alter the experience. Because KNs, in my experience, are not about imergent or collaborative storytelling, they are about an auteur style author finely crafting a specific, fixed experience for the reader.

So if there is gameplay, then I think of it as a VN.
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Re: People Interested in creating KNs?

#33 Post by warmsundae » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:01 am

hoihoisoi wrote:But I think specific genres like 'vanilla romance' and 'mystery' benefit being more in the KN format rather than the VN format seeing as the plot should stay coherent throughout the game. That being said, I'm under the assumption that Danganronpa and the Ace Attorney series are more KN-ish than VN.
Ace Attorney has gamey mechanics, so doesn't that make it more VN? Though some choices don't mean to change the entire story itself, the player unfolds the story with their own hands. I've actually never played the series before, but I've seen videos and my friends have played.

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