Visual novels vs other mediums

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Re: Visual novels vs other mediums

#16 Post by LateWhiteRabbit » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:02 pm

TellerFarsight wrote:Makoto Naegi opened Danganronpa with what felt like 20 minutes of internally driveling purple prose while staring at the sky, and that's one of the most respected VNs out there! No one can escape it!
I don't think Danganronpa quite counts - that internal monologue follows lots of exciting animation, and only has a couple of blank screens before throwing multiple images and sprites up in front of the player. Though, yeah, the monologue itself is not very riveting - especially when the exposition dump is basically the protagonist going to great lengths to stress how normal and boring they are. It would be made a lot worse if the game had not opened on "WOW - Look at this crazy stuff! Murder bear!" At least the way they did, the player knew something exciting was coming.

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Re: Visual novels vs other mediums

#17 Post by RetroLiving » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:49 am

A good visual novel aka Gal Game is a male MC and 5 females(diffent ages,character traits,hobbies,ect) a middle aged femal sensei as a bonus route

lots of HD backgrounds,music playing and the end game CG is porn type once you bang her up

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Re: Visual novels vs other mediums

#18 Post by Aoidatenshi » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:58 am

To me visual novels are great, but games like Growlanser, Fallout, and Dragon Age take interactive story-telling to a whole new level. I wish more games like that existed. I used to LOVE visual novels. I still play them, but I can only stare at static sprites for so long. I want to be more engaged in the story, not just chug through endless dialogue, and be able to participate in the action if there's a fight going on or SEE how the characters interact instead of reading the description and waiting for the pretty CG. But I know all of that comes at a cost.

(My) Visual novel pros & cons:

More flexible
Deeper story

Can get boring/tedious
Not as interactive/engaging

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