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Looking for story driven Visual Novels to promote on my blogs etc

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:07 pm
by Der Tor
By now I actually have quite a few Visual Novel related blogs, Forums, Wikis, Facebook groups etc. and I am kinda struggling to keep them filed with fresh content, because I am quite busy with my regular job, so I have little time now to play Visual Novels or look for new ones I like and write articles about them etc.

And on the other hand, I imagine there must be quite a few creators out there that have made quite a few wonderful Visual Novels, but don't have the platforms to promote them. So I guess maybe we could work together ;-)

Here is what I am looking for in a game that I would be willing to promote on my websites:

What I am looking for:
1.) Story driven Visual Novels, preferably with meaning and a message
2.) Good artwork or voice acting is a plus but not absolutely necessary
3.) They don't have to be commercial, but should at least be on the level of Indie games quality wise
4.) If there is a German version in addition to the English version, it is a huge plus as some of my sites are also in German
5.) If you participate in an affiliate program like through BMT micro, it is definitely a plus, though not a must
6.) If you have an article or review or a press release about your game that I could use as a template, it is a plus
7.) Serious drama elements are a plus (which doesn't mean it has to be a Nakige or Utsuge)

What I am NOT looking for:
1.) No Hentai (non-explicit bedroom scenes or explicit nudity that is not sexual or that is necessary for the plot is okay though)
2.) Violence is okay if it serves the plot (and not the other way around)
3.) No overly crude or vulgar humor
4.) No over the top "fan-service" or over the top Harem elements. Fan-service is meant to be a bonus - not the main element of the story.
5.) If your Visual Novel has gaming elements or mini games they should be optional or at least so easy that they don't distract from the story

So, if you have a game like that and would like me to promote it on my sites, just post a reply or send me a PM. Also, don't expect a miracle or anything - my blogs are not huge - but you might get a few sales or at least a SEO bonus if nothing else :-)

Re: Looking for story driven Visual Novels to promote on my blogs etc

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:24 pm
by mikolajspy
PM sent :)