Choosing a name for my game?

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Choosing a name for my game?

#1 Post by lacticacid » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:06 pm

UPDATE: Based on feedback from Lemma Soft Forums and Instagram, I decided to keep my game's name as Speaking of Ghosts, unless I come up with a better name later down the road, of course.

Hi! So, for the past few months, I've been learning Ren'Py, and it's coming along pretty nicely, in fact, I'm pretty damn confident that I could make my game a reality. I have the characters and the story planned out already, too. But there's one problem: I'm bad at names.

The basic premise is that three rich highschoolers with too much time on their hands decide to hunt ghosts - one for the praise she thinks she'll receive from the people she'll save, other one because he wants to be famous on social media, and the third one just for the thrill of it.

Some things I'm planning to include are:
- An exploration of the concept of fate and pre-determined roles in life (by that I mean "hero"/"villain"/"side character" type roles), and a universe that is willing do whatever it takes to make things that are "meant to happen" happen, and some characters that try to fight fate, with varying results. (This idea will actually be explored on a smaller scale in the first chapter, with a character who has over-controlling parents. Currently, I plan to have around 6 "chapters". Maybe more, maybe less.)
- An exploration of the concept of love, specifically wanting to be loved, and what it means for (at least three of the important) characters.
- (Hopefully) accurate depictions of mental disorders. I take research, especially on topics like this, very seriously, and I actually interviewed a few people that were diagnosed with the disorders I am going to include, so hopefully, it will pay off. (Sub-point: - A character with flat affect.)
- (Ties into my last point) A non-violent sociopath character. I find cluster B disorders very interesting, and I really think that too many writers miss out on the opportunity of making characters with ASPD that are not sadistic murderers. It's rarely ever done in stories, and it's nice to challenge yourself with writing characters fundamentally different from you once in a while, no?
- I've always been a fan of stories that take popular tropes and manage to make likable characters out of them (A good example would be Danganronpa, the first two games specifically. I'm sure everyone here has heard of Danganronpa, yes?), so I hope I manage to do something like this with my characters.
- Ghosts, obviously, and other paranormal beings (for example, ancient spirits who, unlike ghosts, were never "alive" in the first place, and soulless humans, who basically function like a mix of vampires and demons, who sold their souls to ancient spirits in exchange for immortality and power. Ghosts and soulless humans both feed on regular humans' lifespans).

I don't really want to reveal too much about the actual plot before I actually release the first chapter, but I hope this is enough information.

Currently, my game's name is Speaking of Ghosts. I would like it if my story had at least a somewhat unique combination of words as a title, preferably something catchy, bonus points for unique acronym. And I'd literally be ready to lick someone's shoes if they managed to also make the title have some sort of a deeper meaning. Please help me.
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Re: Choosing a name for my game?

#2 Post by Johan » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:31 pm

oh my god, you are the same as me. 😂😂 I spent like 4 weeks thinking over and over and over again for a name, and all i could think of was just silly names from soap operas that had absolutely nothing to do with the story HAHA :P I was about ask for help just like you but finally, i thought of a decent name for the visual novel I'm doing.

Honestly, I think the name it's okay'? but honestly, i'm not the right person for this haha 😅😅
Also, I'm glad that you are doing your job on research on mentall illness. I'm sensible with that topic since I'm autistic, so "it hits home". Obviously, not all mental disorders are the same. And it plays different for each person, so it's good you are doing your research on that. 👍👍
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Re: Choosing a name for my game?

#3 Post by fleet » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:41 pm

Don't worry about the title right now. Many movies. books, and yes, even visual novels have a 'working title' before final release.
If you want a possible alternative, feel free to use "Fate of the Ghost Talkers"
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Re: Choosing a name for my game?

#4 Post by Corban » Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:43 am

Honestly, I think coming up with a cool name is the best and the hardest part. This is your chance to capture the mood of your VN and basically give the present nice wrapping paper.
I think the title depends on the feel of your VN: is this a serious, maybe dark experience? Is it more comical? A satire on the ghost hunting genre?
If the primary focus are ghosts and mental disorders, and you wanted a mysterious name, you could use something like "Ghosts of the Mind", which could relate to both literal ghosts as well as mental disorders that "haunt" the characters' brains, so to speak.
I also like the title you had in mind.

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