Some help for Android packing

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Some help for Android packing

#1 Post by yayang » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:08 am

Whether it's a Java heap overflow or not having enough initial heap space,
First, you need to test the JDK version. Some JDK versions have JVM space limitations,
You can't apply even if you have enough physical space,
Trying to replace the latest JDK might solve the android packaging problem

Run -msconfig - service - where you can pause something to get some physical space

CMD - command:
Java - Xmx20g - version
Used to test the maximum amount of JVM heap space that the JDK can apply for (not based on your native, just to see if the JDK supports applying for large Spaces)

My (in C:\Users\Administrator\. Gradle) :
Org. Gradle. Daemon = true
Org. Gradle. The parallel = true
Org. Gradle. Configureondemand = true
Org. Gradle. Jvmargs = - Xms2g - Xmx30g - XX: + HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError - Dfile. Encoding = utf-8

The above Renpy has been packaged successfully

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