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Re: Otome-related survey

#31 Post by chronoluminaire » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:00 am

Otoko desukedo...

1a - I much prefer it if the character has her own personality.

2c or 2b - I feel strongly that a single playthrough to a good ending should be a complete story in itself.

3c or 3d - but don't mind much


5b or 5e - I want to know that the author's thought things through, and be fairly free of Fridge Logic moments

6c - it's best if the minigames or battles feel appropriate to the story they're in


8c 8b
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Re: Otome-related survey

#32 Post by Auro-Cyanide » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:52 am

1. a)... not sure why? Some kind of need to roleplay through a story not as myself?

2. c) I would expect at least some kind of plot for the whole thing to make sense.

3. a) I think. I usually just go with whatever I need to do.

4. a) is fine, though I would be impressed by multiple endings... plus I'm one of those people who would have to play through until I got them all, as long as it was interesting and not too repetitive.

5. Probably b) But only if it enriches the story and it dosn't feel like I'm reading an encyclopedia. I do think it would create a more imersive world though.

6. c)

7. c) My characters always die so... anything is happy compared to that. But I think it could be interesting.

8. c) Mostly. I don't mind older too mcuh, but since I'm getting older, younger characters can be a little weird. For the other one, it's probably a mix. I enjoy a good variation because it help seperate characters, its bad when you have a cookie cutter thing going on. But... I do like my bishis.

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Re: Otome-related survey

#33 Post by Arithra » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:39 pm

1. If you had a definite female protagonist (with her own not-customizable sprite and a personality) would you like her to:
a) Have her own name.

2. How much of a plot does an otome game need to be appealing to you? (please choose the lowest that is acceptable to you, not your favorite)
c) I like some story and/or setting elements that tie things together.

3. How'd you rather "catch" the guys?
d) like 'c', but without obvious choices that are presented through the first half/first two thirds of the story.

4. If you have more than 4 guys that are obtainable in the game, you'd be willing to accept (please pick the lowest acceptable for you):
b) Two endings per character (good and bad), and a couple of alone endings.

5. If you had a cast of guys from different fantasy races/worlds/territories, how much exposition about their kind would you mind to have?
b) A good amount to satisfy my curiosity. I don't want history lessons, though I'm willing to learn about basic culture information and current problems of his kind.

6. If the story were to branch, would you mind having simple RPG-like battles in some branches while not in others?
a) I don't want to battle! I'd rather have it described in dialog/exposition/images and be told of what happened, without influencing its outcome.

7. If there was only one ending per guy, would you like some guys having sad ends (not depressive, though), some of them have bittersweet and some of them have happy endings? <- edited for clarity
c) It'd be nice, as long as it makes sense.

8. Guys cast variety-wise, you'd like (pick the ones you like):
a) A wide range of ages: from younger than the protagonist to a father/teacher-like figure
b) A wide range of physical appearances: short, tall, skinny, more muscular, manry and scarred in battle, etc...

Variety is important.. but in otome games I prefer the guys to be good looking.

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Re: Otome-related survey

#34 Post by Alphonse » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:11 pm

1. a
(Not having a real name kinda kills the personality for me and makes her a more of a self-insertion point. That's boring.)
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. e
6. a
(I wouldn't mind if it weren't just in the branches, but the whole game, though.)
7. a
(I can't play through to get a guy and then be rewarded like that...;_;)
8. a

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