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Re: Anyone up for a survey? :D

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:31 pm
by Elenakiara
Yay! :3 And by the way, I just completed it! xD I hope you get lots of people answering it so it will be even more useful! =DD <3

Re: Anyone up for a survey? :D

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:47 pm
by musical74
OK did the poll...and I'll add the *what are the results?* so we know what the majority feels!

Re: Anyone up for a survey? :D

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:19 pm
by EternalDream
Okay... I think it's fair to announce the results now since I see a general trend in the survey. So I believe that even if more people were to take it, the results would still be similar. Therefore, allow me to summarize the results :D

1. What kind of names would you rather the characters have?

Most people wrote that it didn't matter (55%), and then English names (24%) and Japanese names (21%) are pretty much tied. Though I think the answer to the question from what I understand is: It really matters on the setting. Meaning that it's awkward to give japanese names if the setting is somewhere in America or something.

My side note: I actually asked this according to my situation because I was debating about the two names, so don't take any kind of offense to the question ^^;;

2. What do you think is important in a visual novel... or rather, an otome game? (Ex. graphics, music, etc)
I scrolled down the responses and I mostly saw "STORY". According to the responses, it seems that in a visual novel, there doesn't seem to be only one most important part since most people put 2+ important things. So obviously, story and graphics were the ones that were most mentioned (Otherwise, I guess why would they call it a visual novel? ;D) Aside from those two, there's also music and mood. Some people also mentioned that everything (graphics, story, music, etc) has to clash well together... Oh, and lots of people noted good characters... characters with depth, characters that have their unique personality, characters that don't creep people out, and good character development, etc.

Overall, I did a tally of... uh... I guess kind of how many times certain things were mentioned:
1) Script/Story - Okay... almost EVERYONE mentioned this :)
2) Graphics - Guess art quality is very important ^^
3) Characters - Including character development, personalities, etc (What I mentioned above!)
4) Music - Not as important as the others, but is needed. It doesn't rank the highest and can be easily missed but many have said that it's a must in the responses ;)
5) Proofreading and Atmosphere - Makes overall quality of the VN better, gives a more professional feel

My side note: It was really interesting reading this. Some of the stuff people suggested... I had never even payed much attention to such as atmosphere. I would've never thought about something like that... and also proofreading. And here I thought it wasn't THAT important ;_; (I'm so dimwitted lol)

3. If there were tons of CGs... which would you prefer to see in the CG gallery?

80% voted for all of them in the gallery and 20% voted for only the most important parts. I don't think this needs much of my explaining XD

My side note: I asked this question because I was playing Yo Jin Bo recently and freaked out at their epicly long CG gallery (to me at least) LOL Then I thought to myself... I wouldn't want every little CG in the gallery, it's very troublesome scrolling through everything so I wonder what others think? ...And that's where this question came from.

4. Your type of guy?

Shota - 11% llll Yandere - 15% llll Megane - 19% llll Tsundere - 56% llll Others: I guess uh... to summarize... guys who don't fall under any stereotypes (guys that have their own personalities that aren't typical)

Looks like most people like guys who are "bad" on the outside and sweet on the inside <--- My poor definition of a tsundere orz

My side note: Uhh this was an evidence of my laziness. I know I shouldn't have used sterotypes, but I didn't want to type away essays of descriptions nor did I want to read essay descriptions of people's "ideal" guy. So yeah, I'm sorry for those of you who didn't like this question. I was kind of just curious, so yeahhh lol

5. What kind genre? (Assuming there's romance of course)

Fantasy won with a 57%. :D Slice of Life: 30% and Comedy: 13%. (No one picked tragedy <.<; Of course... lol) And in the other's column... there were responses such as good plot (doesn't matter what, as long as it's interesting), mystery (Dang... forgot to add that in. As you can clearly see, I wasn't thinking when making this question... limiting the choices to 4 genres -_-) Anyways, fantasy was the most popular.

My side note: While making this question, I was pretty sure fantasy would win... now that I think about it, I should've asked something like why do you think people love fantasy stuff? XD Oh wells, whatever. I can probably guess~ (I'm not too much a fantasy fan... for VNs because usually VNs require replays and fantasy VNs are almost always killer in length ;_;

6. What kind of endings would you like? (Can chose multiple answers)

All of the endings was the ideal answer it seems. But compared to eachother, people preferred good endings (obviously...) and bad endings were least liked. To be more specific, 81% wanted a VN to have a true ending, 74% wanted a sad/bittersweet ending, 48% wanted bad endings, 93% wanted good endings, and 61% wanted friends ending. And there were other good answers such as write endings that flow with the story, and not write ones for the sake of writing it. Also, anti true ending... since VNs should let you choose your ending and not have a "true ending"

My side notes: The true ending, in a way, reminds me of canon pairs. lol I guess in the end, what kind of ending you have in the end doesn't matter, as long as it fits with the story some way or the other.

7. How long would you follow/track a visual novel in progress?

Heh~ Most people track it for a pretty long time ^^ 79% said they would track it until it's done, 14% said about a month, and 7% said about a year. (0% said about a month) Also, people generally commented that as long as it held their interest in some way or the other, they would track it for about a few months, while some others said that they don't track any at all.

My side note: Interesting... personally, I've never thought about people tracking something for over a day, even. Well, I guess it's because I'm basing this on myself... since I don't track anything, either. However, when I find a WIP I like, I do read every entry in their blog or website or something up to date :) So I found the answers really interesting.

8. What kind of hair color is acceptable? (Can Choose More Than One Answer)

15% says it's okay to have crazy hair colors (ex. purple <--- On the full head I mean), 50% says realistic is acceptable, 41% says somewhere in between... like orange is fine, and 56% says it doesn't matter. Other comments were, in a way, similar to that of the names: It really depends on the setting. (And genre) So it has to match whatever your VN setting is. There's also ones that said it doesn't matter... as long as the colors weren't a distraction (ex. super saturated colors)

My side note: I actually asked this question because I was conflicted about my VN character hair colors. I didn't know if I could use a hair color like blue in a VN that took place in say, the modern world. I mean, who doesn't turn their heads toward a person who's got blue hair? But I do realize stuff like this is much more acceptable (probably) if the setting was in a fantasy world or something.The 50% that said realistic hair colors were acceptable shocked me. I wondered why the number wasn't 100%? Maybe I phrased the question wrong? o_O;; I just can't imagine people thinking hair colors like black and brown are unacceptable in a VN... O_O;;

9. Are non realistic eye colors acceptable? (Ex. Pink)

38% said it was okay. 3% said it wasn't, 24% thought it didn't matter, and 35% says it depends.

My side note: Similar question to the hair one... Reading it over makes me think I might've added it as a filler question -_-;; But I don't think I would've done that... I think I added this just to kind of know that if I made it an unrealistic color, whether people would be complaining about it... lol I'm such a wimp ;D

10. Any other comments, queries, or questions you'd like to make to me (Dream)? :3

That last question... I don't even know if I should share it. (Since it probably won't benefit you knowing what people think of me...? Or want to say to me for that matter XD) But if you want me to post some of the more useful comments, then tell me because I'm scared of scaring people off with my long paragraphs /;_;/ If you guys want, I'll post some of the useful ones up of course ^^

Keep in mind the percentages aren't to the EXACT since I just roughly rounded everything, so don't chase me for that X_X;; And also... this survey was made based on my personal situation (meaning, it's done for my VN) so the questions might seem uh... yeah, whatever it seems like. XD I really have no idea why I wrote "My side notes:" after the results to express my opinions since I kind of already done that while telling the results... <.<;; (So sorry if I said everything in possibly a kind of opinionated way?) But whatever, hope you didn't sleep while reading this. I'm really not good at writing stuff like this which is probably why it looks so random, and overally (Idk if that's a word) boring. I actually got pretty bored of writing too lol (So easy to tell... 'cuz the results get more and more simplified as I go on :D) Anyways, as promised, those are the results! Hope you find them somewhat useful \^O^/

Re: Anyone up for a survey? :D

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:30 am
by Elenakiara
Well, me, I carefully read through the whole survey! :3 It is useful, so don't worry about the length of it! =D Thanks again!

Re: Anyone up for a survey? :D

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:16 pm
by Miss-Mae
Filled it out for you. Very good questions, by the way. :) <3