Sugawara Chronicle![Slice of Life][Romance][Comedy][Supernatural][Demo]

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Sugawara Chronicle![Slice of Life][Romance][Comedy][Supernatural][Demo]

#1 Post by Sarchalen » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:04 pm

BxG/BxB | Slice of life| Drama| Comedy | Supernatural
The demo is now available! Click here to download for PC, Mac and Linux coming soon!
Come say hi to the team! Join us on Discord! to learn about the game, participate in active discussion, and be the first to get updates!
We're looking for playtesters! Come chat with us on discord to find out how you can be a part of making our game awesome!

Join us on Discord!

Hiroya Tachibana doesn't need anyone's help. At least that's what he told himself on the night his father threw him out. Day by day he goes to school, keeping his head down to draw as little attention as possible. But between a vicious rivalry with the private school across town, a friend who can't go one day without getting in trouble, and a strange rumor surrounding a mysterious transfer student, Hiroya finds it impossible not to get distracted, while his own life crumbles around him. Will he let go of his pride and find a sweet girl to take care of him? Will he make his own way and become a champion of his school? Or will he spend his senior year sleeping under the old bridge that divides the town? It's up to you to find out.

Sugawara Chronicle is an anime inspired choice-based VN which splits into two distinct paths early in the game. One route will have you team up with a group of club leaders on a mission to save you school the villainous private academy and their student body president. The other route will take you into the daily life of a girl who can't help but get involved in some mischief wherever she goes. The two stories, while played independently, are highly connected and you will play both to discover the mystery behind a girl and her powerful spectre that roams free while she sleeps. The game has 4 initial love interest, 2 more on the completion of each route, and a final one on the completion of both routes. Each will have their own endings depending on which route you played and which choices you make in the game.

80,000+ words across 2 main story arcs, with over 50 choice events that will affect the following chapters.
7 major characters with multiple poses, outfits etc.
30+full color CGs in beautiful 4k Ultra HD resolution! (1080 and 720 versions will also be available)
50+ full color backgrounds.
80 minute instrumental soundtrack.
Unlockable Extras!
Fully voiced characters (if budget allows)

Release for Mac, Windows, Linux planned early 2018. iOS and Android devices a little later.

The Cast:








Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

We are Sarchalen Visual Media, a discord based group of writers, artists, composers, voice actors, programmers, and producers from all over the world who have come together with an awesome vision to produce some really cool VNs for you guys. Our debut game Sugawara Chronicle started out as a college project in the spring of 2017 as a script being passed around a google doc. Half a year later we've brought on hand-picked artists to draw our anime inspired characters and graphics. Each one of us is devoted to being the best we can be and to bring our talents forward to make an awesome game for you guys! We are:

Monochrome & Shake-n-bake

Kurisu-kun & Erezu-kun



Kevin Bomer
The playable demo is now released! Click the link at the top to get it for Windows and Mac (Linux coming soon)

1. What do you think of the story concept? Does it interest you?

2. What about the characters? Which ones are your favorite designs? Which are you most interested in?

3. What do you think of the art style? The backgrounds?

4. In a story-driven game like this, what kinds of interactions do you look forward to seeing the most?

5. We're launching a kickstarter for the project with the full game starting at $10. Does this seem like a reasonable price to you?

Thank you for your feedback! We're so much looking forward to what you guys have to say about Sugawara Chronicle. We hope to make this VN absolutely awesome and I hope you guys will love it!

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