Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CGs][Fantasy]

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Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CGs][Fantasy]

#1 Post by RunereianLilli » Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:24 pm

Current Progress Photo: 39 Pages
This VN is being made using scanned hand-drawn pictures, using pencils, a black liner and colored pencils plus some other drawing tools.
(Currently, I have 65 pages.)
Lilli has spent most of her life completely blind, deaf... simply lacking all of the senses(including the non-traditional ones), and kept alive by the gemstone she lives in (Zoisite). Not only that, she also lives in an universe composed of long hexagon-shaped rods that together make masses of land. Just as she first awakens the sense of vision and the basic space-time senses, she is able to see the world for herself. On her way, she awakens more senses such as hearing(one of the five senses) or pain(non-traditional sense). She feels bored in this world because of being in a clear stone that not only works as an effective prison, but also resists magic! It's a mysterious stone of darkness that may even hurt the one inside if not careful.

Lilli doesn't know that even her physical actions are, in fact, magical, so the stone hurts her quite often. The stone also reacts to her emotions, this can even lead to positive results, meaning that the Zoisite can also help her.

As the story develops in the second chapter, she befriends three spirits - of the elements: Light, Water and Earth. These three spirits will grow older and accompany Lilli in the future.
The protagonist! Lilli is childish and immature at the beginning. She can't speak, read, doesn't get hungry because of the zoisite, and more. There is a very tough way ahead of her. Oh, and yes. "Lilli" spelled with an "i" is done on purpose. (more info later)
Future Lilli
A fearful, adult version of Lilli who only appears at the beginning of each chapter - leading to a choice (This VN is mostly kinetic, this is, so far, the only planned exception). She insists that you terminate your journey as soon as possible. Not much is known about her, including the "apocalyptic" future she warns you about. Later on, she reveals some key information that enhance the story.
Lilli's spirit of light.
He's the one riding a wolf. He is a calm and kind-hearted character.
The one with the naginata.
Lilli's spirit of water. She is the one wearing the blue cloak. Likes to toy with others but respects her friends.
He's the one who jumps down with the axe. He won't appear until very late of the game. An antagonist.
The mage with the green staff. He won't appear until very late of the game. An antagonist.
One of my old characters!!(dA link) She, too, however, won't appear until very late of the game.She's a very major antagonist.
Here are some pages from the game. I tried to pick some of the best or most emotional ones (but spoiler-free) out of the bunch:

Here is a little screenshot as an example, I replaced the old one.

So, let me know if you like the project so far.

1)Does this VN look good so far for my first try?
2)Do you think there should be more characters? (I am planning more, but I am not intending to make my story character heavy, except for an army as hinted in the poster.)
3)Is the simple artwork satisfactory?

4)Is it okay for you that this novel will most likely be mostly kinetic? (Assuming that the answers you give to Future Lilli might do some changes) (This VN won't be kinetic after all, feel free to skip this question.)
5)Is the story confusing you? I tried to exclude as many spoilers as I could ><

New questions:
6)Would you like to see a short demo?
7)Are there any things you are loking forward to?
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Re: Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CG-based]

#2 Post by Laiska » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:09 pm

1) Yes! This seems like something I would play!
2) No! I think it's always a good idea to keep your scope small, and reigning in the amount of characters you have is an important part of that. If you keep the cast fewer, you can give each of them more screen time, and therefore more depth.
3) Definitely :) Your style is unique and the simplified characters/shapes give it an appropriately "storybook" feel.
4) As long as the story is engaging, I have no problem with kinetic novels.
5) Seems pretty straightforward! I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

Good luck with this! Doing all the CGs must be tough. I definitely wouldn't have the patience.

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Re: Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CG-based]

#3 Post by RunereianLilli » Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:54 am

^Well, I'm using a relatively simple style, but I do have the patience.

Aww, "storybook" feel. That was exactly my intention, glad it turned out this way. I originally wanted to make a printed picture book... Only quite recently I actually decided to develop a VN. That said, I have a hand-written scenario for the pictures, which needs some retouching at some points... Uhh, and then there are some technical things on the software version side - Even though I used Ren'Py before to make an unfinished fan game of sorts, I forgot most things from 2-4 years ago, so I had and still have to relearn the whole scripting. I don't need most of the advanced stuff, but rather some things that will make the experience smooth.

Thank you, I'll make sure not to disappoint.


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Re: Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CG-based]

#4 Post by Red-Baby » Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:22 am

This is an interesting idea.

1) For your first try it looks very unique and interesting =]
2) This one I'm not too sure, but I think it should be fine with the ones you have.
3) The artwork is very cute, it reminds me of children's picture books.
4)I actually prefer visual novels that have options and different endings, but I'm also willing to play KNs
5)The story sounds interesting =] Don't give too much away, I'm excited to see what happens to Lilli
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Re: Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CGs][Fantas

#5 Post by RunereianLilli » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:23 pm

Post updated!
  • New logo (removed the old one)
  • New poster (removed the old poster)
  • Two new characters
  • One new preview screenshot (Again, removed the one before)
  • (Edit) Also one new page after the first seven I posted before.

I redid the logo and even colored it myself. I have to admit I was a little afraid about coloring it, hehe.

So far I have 65 fully scanned, cropped and resized pages. I am still a little behind with the script, as I focus on the graphics mostly so far. But I will get there. Note that this VN won't be kinetic after all, and it won't be 100% CG either (I am working on a sprite for future Lilli)

There are two new characters, but I will list them in the next post update. You can see them on the poster, though... without names. I can't really say their names because I still haven't named them.

Oh, also added two new questions, but they aren't neccessary to answer to. Thanks for the feedback so far. But let me know if you want to see a demo soon.

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Re: Lilli's Flow of Phantasmagoria [Maku Puppet][CGs][Fantas

#6 Post by Taleweaver » Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:41 am

Locked by OP's request.
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