Jinx (SGW Book 1) [KN][Fantasy/Horror]

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Jinx (SGW Book 1) [KN][Fantasy/Horror]

#1 Post by Puppeteer » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:14 am

The Shadows: Gardens & Ways - Jinx is a novella adapted from short stories originally published in 2008 (and the collection published in 2010). The first book comprises approximately 24k words.

The setting is, predominantly, metropolitan; "urban fantasy/horror" might be the most accurate term. Characters include sorceresses, vampires, werewolves (all of whom have bills to pay and jobs to do - it's not *that* sort of fantasy). Mix in some possibly-governmental conspiracies and support of the lesser evil, top with science-based examination of "vampires" (and allow to sit for a few years until the furor of that other series blows over).

The plan is to present this work (hereafter "SGW: Jinx") as a kinetic novel to provide introduction to the series in general and starting point for the ADV-style ("choose the adventure") storylines.

The second book (working title: "The Vampire's Garden") follows one of the possible story lines from the first.

Screenshots from "SGW: Jinx":
SGW NVL Test 1_2015-12-16_08-03-44.png
Title/Main Menu
SGW NVL Test 1_2015-12-16_08-04-55.png
Chapter title
Program Manager_2015-12-16_08-06-17.png
Page 1

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