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The Cave [otome, fantasy]

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:57 am
by Dakishimete
World is at the edge of war. War is nothing but despair. But really? There has to be a reason. Sometimes very different from what it seems. People and whole countries have their secrets. Will you be able to trust your superiors and your own country? Can the whole world betray you? And what about people? Is there even a place for friendship and love?

It takes places in a fantasy universe I created where many different cultures live.

Okay, this little piece of work might be an otome game, but it's definitly not fluffy. Humans are complicated creatures and in larger numbers can be terryfying. Enemy isn't always bad and sometimes you really don't feel like taking someone's side, even if he's right. You start the game without doubts, being sure why you chose your side but then you're going to have more and more doubts. And remember – everyone has their secrets. And a reason to have them.
The Cave was orginally supposed to be a comic so plot is kind of complicated


Sevilla (player)
I was raised in noble family in Calante (country that resembles Europe in Renaissance). At young age I turned out to be a mage and was sent to learn at university. I'm not a very powerful mage, so I had to make up for it with cleverness and intelligence. I'm calm, independent and reasonable, unless provoked. Okay, maybe sometimes a little bit arrogant and antisocial but hey, I'm working on it, so I'll be fine.

Love interests:

Okay, Sayvin rarely smiles. But I wonder if he's really unhappy or just doesn't care about anything anymore. He trusts no one and tries to be antisocial but in the end keeps helping everyone around. He seems to be calm but actually he often goes into hysteria. He's pretty funny in these moments. From what I've heard, nothing terrible happened to him in the past but he has a difficult life now. And why does Silvia, our general, have so much interest in him?
Note: Sayvin was orginally main character when The Cave was supposed to be a comic, not a game.
And I think he has the most beauiful name in the world.

"If you get close to someone, if you take up the trouble to take care of something, you'll be responsible for it. If something happens, it's your fault. I'd say to choose your responsibilities wisely, but it's often impossible, isn't it? You just pick them up on your way."

That's one cunning bastard. He's as pretty as much as he lies. Yet it's hard to dislike him, even when you now he could steal your last coin and leave you to die. I wonder why is he that way. Oh, he also has a terribly weak head, is vegetarian and is Sayvin's best friend. I even heard rumors that actully maybe more than a friend. I don't know the reason but he's always strictly obeying the orders, even if he seems to be not reliable.
Note: At first he's name was Yaevinn. If you played The Witcher you know the guy. For no reason, just because that name was pretty. But after I thought about universum more, he couldn't have it.

"Most people have something that is the most important to them. Don't you ever believe that you're that thing, the disappointment may kill you. Because no matter who you are, you'll be sacrifaced for this important thing. And you will sacriface others for yours."

Everyone is scared of him. No wonder, he's a giant albino with short temper that happens to be world second strongest fighter. At least people call him that. That guy is probably the most quick-tempered person in the world, he's also stubborn and quite narrow-minded. Yet he's extremaly devoted and sensitive. Like a big puppy or rather, as I prefer to call him, giant sad polar bear.

"I believed everyone has a determined role in their life, that cannot be changed. You can only fail. But I grew up and understood that everything I do is my choice. You get as much as you deserve."

Take everyting that Sitt is not. You just've made Eygon! That guy cares about nothing. He's lazy, irresponsible and has no idea about ethics. And he's world strongest fighter. Yes, Sitt hates him but Eygon is too lazy to return this feeling. Hatred is to bothersome, he would say. He's not a bad person, though. I think he's more mature and complicated than he seems at first.

"We live in our bodies and then we die. If there's truly an immortal soul, it'll get plenty of time for itself after we're dead, yes? Eternity, I think. That means poor body is completely left out. That's so unfair. So I say, let the body have fun as long as we're alive, shall we?"

Silvia's right hand man or rather woman. She can use only healing magic. Naomi is shy and nice, you could probably befriend her.

"I believe that there's nothing like entirely bad parson. No one is fully bad, they may be hurt or lost, but I don't think they're bad. But I think that meeting such a person would be easier than meeting an entirely good one. So just... watch out."

Other important characters:

Prince of Calante and Cuthbert's younger twin brother. He's a lot more intelligent and reasonable than Cuthbert. Yet when Alain is with Cuthbert he just stops thinking and acts as childish as his brother. No wonder since he's just 10 years old.

"When you really, really love someone, it's a feeling that rules your life. You'd kill for that person, die for that person... you love him so much you hate and fear him. He is yours and you are his and nothing else matters"

Prince of Calante and Alain's older twin brother. This guy is loud and cheerful and happens to be a very powerful mage.

"Power is a funny thing, just having it makes you want to find out how much you can do without consequences and step on weak people. As long as you have someone to stop you it's fine but when they don't look.... things get interesting."

She has an open crush on Eygon and is... insane. She's cursed and is one of the most powerful mages this world has ever seen.

"World can be a beautiful place when you know where to look, especially that one in your head. You must watch out though not to wander to far into it's dark parts for you will never come back."

fu_fu – artist
Dakishimete – writer, programmer


Story : 100%
Script : 5%
Concept art : 100%
Sprites : 5%
CGs : 0%
Music : 0%


The game contains 2,717 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 34,900 words,
for an average of 12.8 words per screen.
The game contains 11 menus.

There're some of fu_fu's old drawings attached. In two weeks we should have the sprites done. Sorry for the bad quality but I don't know a thing about processing photos.

I created this topic mostly to make fu_fu work, since she's lazy, so any opinions abut art are welcome as well as any other advise.

Re: The Cave [otome, fantasy]

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:57 am
by gekiganwing
I didn't want this topic to lack feedback for any longer. My thoughts so far:

1. What sort of world does your story take place in?
2. Your characters' names seem to represent a variety of cultures. Do all of them know each other and live in the same area?
3. It sounds like there will be a serious plot. What would you estimate the ratio of plot to slice of life romance would be?
4. You used quotations in order to give us insights on your characters. Aside from that, who are they? What are their roles in the game? (Love interest, friend, family, villain, ally, etc.)

Re: The Cave [otome, fantasy]

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:05 pm
by Dakishimete
I added some informations but I can't answer the second question. Character's come from different parts of the world but not every of them shares their story so easly.

Re: The Cave [otome, fantasy]

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:13 pm
by Veniae
This looks promising! I like the premise and the characters seem interesting! I look forward to more!

As an aside, there's a character named Alain in the project I'm working on. xD It's a pretty name, isn't it?

Good luck with your game!

Re: The Cave [otome, fantasy]

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:04 am
by Dakishimete
Veniae wrote:This looks promising! I like the premise and the characters seem interesting! I look forward to more!

As an aside, there's a character named Alain in the project I'm working on. xD It's a pretty name, isn't it?

Good luck with your game!
Thank you very much ^^
I took Alain's and Cuthbert's name from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, I thought they were lovely.