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Re: Remember these days (GXB) (sprite updated 5/27)

#61 Post by VocaloidsRCool » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:13 am

The sites I recommend are: dropbox, mediafire, and 4shared.

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Re: Remember these days (GXB) (Demo added 6/17)

#62 Post by Firefly » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:31 am

VocaloidsRCool wrote:The sites I recommend are: dropbox, mediafire, and 4shared.
Thank you for the recommendations, I'll look into them. :D

Update 6/12: I'm not having luck with the chibi scenes for the gallery, so I'm going to try a round about way to give them a background.
Update 6/13: I'm completely finished with the gallery, and finalizing the routes. I just have to update to a new version, set the game to be released and then put in on a few downloading sites. That should be done in the next few days.
I'm still a newbie at coding so I was wondering, does anyone know how to update it before I release the game? I just want to be extra careful that I don't lose any data that I saved. (I would cry if I had to start all over...)

Update 6/17: Demo released


A few things before downloading demo that I want to mention:

1. Demo covers the first 3 chapters of the approx. 8 chapters I have planned. I think that I will really shorten what I have for the remaining chapters since this amount was very time consuming. The story, cgs and chibi scenes won't change even if I shorten the remaining chapters for the full version.

2. I switched files from my 6.13 version of ren'py to the 6.17 version so I'm not sure how that affected all the files. It appears to work on my computer so I assume it should work on other computers as well. Let me know if it doesn't or if there are any errors that I should address.

3. I was unable to find out how to remove some things, so the cgs already appear in the gallery when you first open it. If you want to avoid spoilers I suggest only going to the gallery and clicking on the character you get the demo cg for from the route. If you want spoilers go ahead and check it out. The first button is for backgrounds but there are none at the moment.

4. I apologize for the lateness of the demo, as well as for my awful sense of humor that comes out in the's just really bad at times. Also, sorry if parts of the story are confusing/weird, I wrote this when I was still in highschool so, yeah.... :oops:

This is the download link, let me know if there are problems and I'll try to fix them.

Demo link: ... s_demo-all

Have fun playing! :D
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