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Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy][Incubi/Demons][Greenlight!]

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:51 pm
by VAPMichaelaLaws

Seraphim Entertainement presents:

SEDUCE ME (Coming out on Valentines Day!)

Mediafire (Win/Mac/Linux)


All the assets, such as backgrounds, CGs, sprites, GUI, etc., have yet to be finalized. They only give an idea of what we’re aiming for, not what we have in mind for our final product.

If you enjoy the demo, please be sure to check out our kickstarter!! We truly appreciate and thank you for trying/enjoy the game! ... sual-novel

“It seemed like the start of something new. Something that would change.”
You are a senior in high school along with your two best friends, Naomi Patterson and Suzu Cappini. You are also the granddaughter of Harold Anderson, the CEO and founder of Anderson Toys, a toy company sworn to give children amazing products and give a large part of their profit to charity.
One day, you get called home to attend your grandfather’s funeral. After the funeral, you learn that you have inherited his large estate. Your father suggests you move in immediately, so the next day, you move out of your parents home and into your estate.
When you enter your new home, however, you see five injured, yet very handsome men on the lobby floor. They eventually awaken and make it known that they were attacked by a group of dangerous ‘misfits’ and ran to find shelter, passing out as soon as they entered your home.
You find out that they are incubi, ‘demons who consume and use sexual energy of humans to survive’. With nowhere to go and a target on their backs, they ponder what what to do. Out of sympathy, you offer your home as refuge for a while in exchange for minor servitude (it is a big house, after all). They happily agree.
What will happen as the incubi get comfy? Why exactly did they come the human world? Who are the ‘misfits’, and will they stop pursuing them so the incubi can leave?
...Will you WANT them to leave?


Seraphim Entertainment brings you "Seduce Me", a new upcoming WIP otome game. This game is a PG-16 otome with pursue-able incubi men. What you say and do determines your ending and, essentially, the incubi's future.

Changeable Main Character Name
22 Potential Endings!
Custom GUI
Original Soundtrack
Full Voice Over
CG Art Gallery
'Surprise' Gallery


_____/Mika Anderson - A kind girl who goes to Greenvale High School. When her grandfather passes away, she finds out that she has been entrusted with his estate and her parents send her to learn how to handle being on her own at the early age of 18. When she arrives, things get odd...

James (Leader/Intellect of the Incubi) - James is the intellect of the group, thus making him the leader of his Incubi brothers. He is calculating and yet he’s also the most relaxed of the group under stress. However, he can be cruel at times when he is angered.

Sam (Strongest of the Incubi) - He is the strongest of the Incubi brothers. He’s mostly tense and sometimes an ass, but he means well. He’s also nicknamed “The Brute” because of his rough exterior.

Matthew (Fun, Gentle of the Incubi) - The fun incubus brother. He loves having a good time, especially with women. He’s often referred to as a child, despite not wishing to be called so...

Erik (MAJOR charmer of the Incubi) - The stereotype of the incubi in a hot body. Erik is, as Suzu refers him as, ‘A ball of Sex’. He is playful as he is charming. However, he isn't who he seems...

Damien (The Silent one of the Incubi) - Quiet until he met the Heroine. He’s the only brother that does NOT wish to be an incubus and, one day, wishes to be human. Despite his displeasure of being an incubus, he still supports his brothers.

(CREDIT - Camille Ruley)


-Writer/Producer/Director/Artist (GUI) - Michaela Laws
-Artist (Sprite and CG) - Camille Ruley
-Artist (Backgrounds) - Badriel
-Composer - Christopher Escalante

James - Bradley Gareth
Sam - Alejandro Saab
Erik - Christopher Escalante
Matthew - Ethan Nakashima
Damien - Jonah Scott
Naomi - Samantha Chan
Suzu - "Pickle131"
Lisette - Trina
Mean Girls - Kimberley Campbell & Sakura Hughes
Malix - James Brown Jr.
Father - Will Wood
Mother - Kimberly Campbell
Grandfather - Lee Turner
Mrs. Philips - Sakura Hughes
Lawyer - Ethan Nakashima
Intercom - Sakura Hughes

Lead Vocalist - Ability Phoenix (
Guitarist - Michael Kelly

If you wish to be a part of the team, please feel free to Private Message me (VAPMichaelaLaws) or post a response below!

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:02 am
by DestinyFailsUs
This sounds really interesting! :) I'm looking forward to seeing more about this game!

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:28 am
by Kyra10
The art is amazing~
I really like the plot and all of the characters!
Good luck! ^_^

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:00 am
by try10
OMG! A Demon Incubi game?! AND FREE?! I think I'm in heaven. The art is beautiful the plot is nice. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL! I'm going to check this thread everyday! Good luck! :D

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:23 am
by 15385bic
i hope you have a writer that can write steamy scenes to back up that title (not R rated - but enough ;D)

art +++~
free? - YAY ~~~
i''m always a sucker for supernatural too~

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:57 am
by D`Angel18
Ooh... this is awesome. I like the plot and the art is amazing. I'm watching this thread. :mrgreen:
Hooray~! that it's FREE.

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:37 pm
by pickle131
-stalking- ;D

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:55 pm
by VAPMichaelaLaws
Stalking is completely okay <3 ;3

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:09 pm
by Ophelia
Hmm, when I first read the word incubi I imagined some... well.. older/manlier guys, like, they would be cunning and stuff like that. The concept art makes them rather look like nice, cute school boys. Not that there is something wrong with that. [But it doesn't really fit the 'Seduce Me' title, in my opinion.]
But the premise sounds definitely interesting and I'll keep an eye on it.
Oh and while labeling them with common tropes (like tsundere and shota) is convenient, I hope there is more to Shu than just being an ol' tsundere like in the books. (:

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:37 pm
by CitrusShock
The art is lovely, and the premise sounds really interesting. I'll be looking forward to more updates for this! c:

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:21 am
by Maelstrom-Fenrir
Given the information, the characters don't seem to have much personality and are cliches. The bg itself needs lots of work, the stairs don't look right. Also just given your summary the Protag sounds almost Mary-Sueish. Also do you know what an incubus is? These hardly sound like incubus given the info you list.

You might want to update your characters list to give them hints at more depth, as well as the protag so she doesn't sound so mary-sue-ish.

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:43 pm
by VAPMichaelaLaws
Hi Maelstrom ^^

For this game, I actually intended for at least the incubi to be cliche stereotype personalities. It differentiates them from one another an gives a level of conflict deeper in the game when interacting with the MC.
The BG I have posted up now is just a lineart xD I am not good AT ALL with BGs so I can only do my best (Cause no one's approached me to volunteer to make BG's so I'm stuck doing it ;A; -cries- However, I'll try to fix the stairs =3 -It's missing railings xD-
As for the Summary it was the first thing I wrote before even delving into the script and I haven't edited it yet -Like a stupid moron I am xD;;-. Maltagliati and I are working out some conflict with the MC so that she's more relate-able and not so Mary-Sue
As for the character summaries, I don't know what to add that wouldn't give the characters away. It's not really a "What you see is what you get", it's a learning process within the game. I kinda want my players to go "Woah! He is NOT just a tsundere." While playing the game rather than already listing it off publicly that Shu has a thing for kittens but a fear of puppies -This isn't canon in my story, but it's close-.

As for knowing incubi, there are many different interpretations for what an incubi actually is. An incubus, in mythological terms, is a demon who resides in male form to have intercourse with people, especially girls. I intend to play with the incubi like Voltage plays with devils in 10 Days with My Devil, so these incubi have more of a modern, anime feel rather than stick dead on the mythology of all of them just wanting to bed the MC.

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:03 pm
by Sunlit-Dreamer
I can't stand back and watch anymore. So here's my two cents that you'll hopefully take to heart.

1. No, you should NOT be going for an anime feel. For one, it's literal meaning is basically animation. Today though, many people just use the word anime for Japanese art style and their "cartoons".

2. What you SHOULD be going for in regards to writing, is an in depth story. In this case for a visual novel, several different stories. I know it's off topic, but a common problem with your former work that was pointed out from your players was each path was extremely similar to each other with barely any changes. I hope the writer has taken the time to improve their writing during the last several months. With vns, writers are given the chance to tell completely different stories with the same cast. You say that everything the mc says and does will determine the ending and future. I want to say here that by the time they're on a path, don't cause the exact same situations. I can understand if there's one huge conflict.

What I'm trying to say is, try to make the "in-between" extremely interesting before the players get to the end. With each path being a different "story", depending on how the player is they might be more inclined to try out all the other paths instead of just going after the guys that catch their eye. After all, not everyone goes through all the possible paths.

3. With the bgs, here's some advice since I make them myself. Make several different layers. One with the horizone line and disappearing point. Another with a base sketch of what you have planned. The third, and perhaps even more of, perspective. The perspective will be a HUGE help, especially with your stairs. I can't really give you much advice, but to try to have the bgs match the sprites outline and color style. Basically, do a quick test to see if they go well together.

4. I agree with Fenrir. You don't have to make them nymphomaniacs, but play off the myths. (Being creative with mythical creatures is what makes writing so much fun.) One thing that I see you didn't mention and that I remember researching, is that the myth about incubus originated in Europe. So with your vn taking place in Japan with the men having Japanese names feels very off to me. St. Angela's Academy sounds like a school I'd easily picture in Europe. Why not simply move the story there? That way it won't feel so out of place, the hair and eye colors more natural (Especially for Mika since green is very uncommon in Japan), and the more picky readers won't ignore your vn. Sorry, but it's true. There are those who will instantly skip past a vn once they see it takes place in Japan when the story would've been more interesting elsewhere.

Please remember that last tidbit. You have no idea how many people are tired of vns that take place in that country.

This is all I'll say from what I've read and seen.

Good luck!

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:20 pm
by VAPMichaelaLaws
Thanks for the advice. I'll try to adapt from the notes you've given.

I'm the writer of My Teacher and of this project and I understand where you're coming from. I've taken time away to try and improve my writing and I plan to make this story MUCH more in depth than I was able to with My Teacher (Which should be the case because I only had a MONTH with My Teacher and as much time as I need with Seduce Me.)

As for the story, I didn't mean to insult the term anime in anyway when I said I wanted it to be anime-style.

I'll talk with my co-writer to see about changing the names and place. I just kind of have a Japanese Complex -which is sadly common amongst fans of anime/japanese culture- so I naturally set it in Japan without thought.

BG's suck unless you're proficient with architecture or landscaping DX Thank you for the advice. I'll see if I can do that and make it better...

Re: Seduce Me [GxB][Romance, Comedy, Drama][Incubi/Demons]

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:51 pm
by 15385bic
i say if your bad with bgs - go for freebie ones you can find around
uncle-mugen has plenty in one of his threads
and there are other 3D sorta ones floating around which you may need to filter ^^'

i see nothing wrong with wanting anime style art - LOTS of people are attracted to it for a reason. I dont see why some people look at it so negatively yet they dont complain about "cartoons" like power puff girls or abstract art. It's a style and it is up to personal TASTE.
If that is what your artist's style is - so be it. Not like an artist can just switch styles at will. (You're limited with who you can get - decent artists are hard to find that will work for free.)

i've heard the story of your previous nanoreno game was quite - um - restricted ^^'
but like you said - u have all the time in the world for this one.
and as i said before - steamy scenes please >;]

also play off what sunlit dreamer about myths -in my opinion is there IS a way of having them inherit japanese names - especially if one of their ancestors married a japanese demon ;D - go look through dates in history where the europeans started influencing japanese culture --eg first Europeans in japan
remember myths are ancient - if these demons have been around for thousands of years then they'll prob have to modernise with the rest of us. and if u look around, there's plenty of ppl who are mixed race now - why cant demons be the same? =]

but yeah St. Angela’s Private Academy definitely sounds like its set in a western country