My Ninja Life [B/GxG, action adventure, comedy]

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My Ninja Life [B/GxG, action adventure, comedy]

#1 Post by Flowers from Nowhere » Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:53 am

A new friend invited you to stay for a while at her family's dojo. She did not mention that they train ninjas. She did not mention that outsiders are forbidden. She did not mention that the Dojo of Sacred Steel holds an ancient trust, a powerful blade which even now the forces of darkness conspire to ensnare.
Robin (main character, name change possible, male or female)
Robin takes things in stride. You can get yourself into some pretty odd situations doing things like flying halfway across the world with a practical stranger but you don't worry about it much. That said, the ancient ninja order is a bit of a shock.
Ever bright and cheerful, Yume is both the heir to an ancient line of ninjas and the kind of person who would invite a practical stranger into her family's stronghold which has been guarded for generations. She is an excellent fighter.

Ayakawa is a student at the dojo. Although prideful and imperious, Ayakawa is deeply devoted to her home. She makes no secret of her contempt for your presence.
My Ninja Life is rated PG-13 for cartoon violence.

No matter what Robin's gender is the romantic interests are always female so the game can contain GxG.
This game is not intended to be anything even similar to a historically accurate depiction of ninjas.

  • Act 1: 70%
    Act 2: 30%
    Act 3: 0%
  • Yume Sprite: 80%
    Ayakawa Sprite: 0%
    BGs: 20%
    Other: 0%
GUI: 5%
Music & Sound: 5%

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Re: My Ninja Life [B/GxG, action adventure, comedy]

#2 Post by Fenrir34 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:28 pm

This look likes a interesting game. Good luck with it :)

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