Snow Light [Espionnage][Action][Sci-fi] Demo added

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Snow Light [Espionnage][Action][Sci-fi] Demo added

#1 Post by AtA » Fri May 02, 2014 5:49 am

Hi, I'm Axel, 22 yo, french indie graphist/ writer. I'd like to introduce you one of my lastest project you maybe know, Snow Light. Originally the game was planned for January but for personnal issues, I had to stop my work during the last 3 months. Now I'm back and I hope you'll like the result of all the team work for our first visual novel !

The demo version of Snow Light propose is a short preview of the whole game.

Enjoy the presentation and feel free to give your opinion !

Here is the Greenlight page of the game vote Yes :P


Release Date: 2014
Languages : English, French, German, Spanish
Type : Visual Novel
Theme : Action, Espionage
Plateforms : Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PS Vita/ Playstation Mobile
Resolution : 1920x1080 (max)
Price : $9,99 (PC), $7,99 (PS Vita/ PSM)
Rating : 17+ (Estimate)

Development : West Dragon Productions DreamRaiser
Distribution : OG-ZONE Digital Entertainment

The Engine
The IRON ICE Lite visual Engine is the engine use to create Snow Light. It's home made and exclusively for the West Dragon Productions' projects. The Lite Visual Engine is a little part of the under work engine IRON ICE who will be dedicated for one the biggest project of the WDP.
If Snow Light is appreciate, other Visual Novel will probably made in the future.

Story :
Snow Light is a Kinetic Novel, who propose some point-view choice (a few).
The game takes place in a close futuristic world where nations are living in a fragile peace, military conflicts have become commonplace since the scarcity of first resources and the rise of private armies. 
The player will follow a professional of espionage missions, Snow Light, and will travel in various parts of the globe such as Turkmenistan, Russia or England.
The story is linked to the on-going indie series "Dragon and Weed : Origins",events are chronologically between episodes 22 and 42 (chapters 51 to 71 for the 'paper' version), but you don't need to read the series to understand Snow Light narration.

Characters :
I'll be short on this part, I prefer to let you discover the characters in the game (or by reading DW : Origins :P)

Snow :
Name: Catherine-Anna DELBTOS DA VRERONE
Aliases: Snow, Snow Light
Nationality: Italian
Gender: Female
Height: 5,61 ft
Weight: 127,9 lb
Measurements: 34F-24-35
Employment status: Tercera # 0
Affiliation(s): Black Hawk, Dixisis Primeira (PRIME), SAUN
Activity: World (Earth)
Link: Marcelli Delbtos Da Verrone (Father)

Snow is a professionnal, trained by the Great Master himself since she's a child. She's of the best, ranked Tercera Rei of the Dixisis PRIME (Elite Mercenary Unit). She's also one of the 8 Black Hawk, the 8 best sharpshooters in the world.

Rebecca :
Name: Ayumi, Rebecca DEBELGARDE
Alias​​: White Dragon Aoura, ShiroHisui Tatsu
Nationality: British (born in Japan)
Gender: Female
Height: 5.71 ft
Weight: 119 lb
Measurements: 36D-24-35
Employment status: Dixisis # 7
Affiliation (s): Dixisis Primeira (PRIME), The 7 Sirens, SAUN
Activity: World (Earth)
Link: Maxime DeBelgarde (Uncle, officially father)

Rebecca is a childhood friend of Snow, her best friend. She's very intelligent, impulsive and a gifted technician and computer specialist. She also a member of the Dixisis PRIME and as all of the member of this elite, she's a dangerous fighter.

Quasar :
Name: Benjamin DENARG
Alias​​es: Burning Fist Quasar, Quasar, Burning Fist,
Nationality: Swedish
Gender: Male
Height: 6.20 ft
Weight: 180.8 lb
Employment status: SAUN Colonel
Affiliation(s): SAUN
Activity: World (Earth)
Link: Felicity Parker (Sister), Esperanza Denarg (Wife)

He's one the hi-ranked of the SAUN secret organisation , he's know for two things : his perversion against women and his excellent handling of the fire element. People says he could be one of the 7 Generals of the SAUN.

Avarez :
Name: Alejandro AVAREZ
Alias​​: El Tigre del capitán
Nationality: Argentinian
Gender: Male
Height: 6,33 ft
Weight: 176.4 lb
Employment status: CEO of Favelas Brothers PMC
Affiliation (s): South Tiger, Favelas Brothers PMC, Safety Commission of Latin America
Activity: South America, U.S.A Africa
Links: Dante Avarez (Brother), Luca Avarez (son), Mary-Rose Avarez (daughter)

Avarez is the director of the most powerful PMC, he grown up under multiples war conflicts and survive to the Five Kings tyranny. He always had to survive so his experience makes him to be a survivor, clever and mighty leader who don't fear the pressures of European and Asian governments alliances. All of his men highly respect him and will follow him to death. Actually he's suspected to be an ally of the anarchist "The White Mask".

Screenshots :

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Progression :
- Writing : 100% done (about 30 000 words, 61 scenes)
- Code : 100% done (Engine / Menus/ Game)
- Music : 100% done (19 tracks)
- Sound Design : 100% (129 sounds)
- GUI : 100% (Main Menu/ In-game)
- Bgs : 100% (~500, probably won't use all)
- Sprites/ Cgs/ SFX : 70% (~400, does not include animation frames)

WDP DreamRaiser :
DreamRaiser is one of the Development Team of the West Dragon Productions. Here are the collaborators :

Project Manager : AxelTheAs
Game Design : AxelTheAs
Programmation PC : Akabane87
Programmation PS Vita : Akabane87
Quality Check FR : Cloé Dauplais
ENG Translation : Cloé Dauplais
DEU Translation : Marcel Weyers
SPA Translation : Christophe Demarcq
Graphic Artist : AxelTheAs
Music Composers : Petteri Saino, Christoph Rauch
Sound Design : Thierry Rebetez

The End ! Thanks for reading ! You can support us on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

We've just open community forums here websites for any support/ issues or discussion about the game universe and more.
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Check-out Snow Light my first VN, on the Steam Store !

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Re: Snow Light [Espionnage][Action][Sci-fi] Demo added

#2 Post by AtA » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:10 pm

Still working on the game and having some issues with the OSX port Apologize for the delay, meanwhile here are some new screens of the game, enjoy !

Snow making friends in Russia and having troubles in England

To finish I'm glad to announce that thanks to Marcel Weyers and Christophe Demarcq, Snow Light will be available in German and Spanish in addition ton French and English languages.
Check-out Snow Light my first VN, on the Steam Store !

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