Watashi No Kokoro Ni [BxG][Harem][13+]

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Watashi No Kokoro Ni [BxG][Harem][13+]

#1 Post by incrediblecammi » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:25 pm

Hello and welcome to the project of "Watashi No Kokoro Ni" (In My Heart), a free otome visual novel with an extremely low budget.
This is a visual novel that is so brand-new that I was considering putting it in the "Ideas" board instead of on this one. It has been in the works for about two weeks now, and I am excited to announce that we have made significant progress.

Please do not be put off that this project is being made by a group of 15 year-old girls with nothing better to do. We have read/played plenty of VNs, written plenty of music and stories, and drawn plenty of characters and backdrops. Maybe we are not as experienced as most of the people on this site, but, hey, we have got to start somewhere, right? :)

Basically, this game is about a 17 year-old boy (named Kohaku Tao) that is a junior in high school. He is put in an entirely new class for his junior year where he knows almost no one. Along with some people in his class, Kohaku starts to meet tons of new people.

The overview of all the characters and plot can by found HERE.

The character sprites (drafts) can be found HERE.

The (finished) character sprites can be found HERE.

The music (drafts) can be found HERE.

Recruitment thread is HERE.

If you would like to help, but are not quite sure how, just talk to me, and I can find a way to get you involved. If you would like to offer a (free) service, then please PM me, email me, or post on the recruitment thread.

Thank you~!
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Re: Watashi No Kokoro Ni [BxG][Harem][13+]

#2 Post by GreyWolfXx » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:18 am

Has this been edited? I'd love to here about more progress. (Especially since I said I'd help with coding :p). The sprites and music both look promising. Can't wait to help out.

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