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Re: Because We're Here [UPDATED DEMO RELEASED] [GxB] [War]

#31 Post by Eike » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:53 pm

Hello! Me again. I've been rather neglecting this thread in terms of updates (sorry!) but just thought I'd drop by to say Because We're Here's still getting on well. There's been a LOT of improvements since the first demo - the resolution, backgrounds, GUIs, dialogue - and I've edited the original post of this thread to reflect the game in its current state. So check it out!

The two biggest announcements are that an updated Chapter 1 demo has just been released, and that the full cast has now been previewed (that was actually a couple of months ago). Follow the links below if either of those things interest you! Looking forward to seeing what people think of the new demo. If the version from last summer didn't look that appealing, that's understandable - have another look at the first post, it might well be more up your street now! ^^ (Oh, though I should mention - if you DID play the last demo, then this one isn't really a must-play. It's a huge overhaul, but ultimately the same 'Chapter 1'.)
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